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Muriva corrugated iron industrial wallpaper 18/07/2017
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Top 10 Industrial Wallpaper Designs on Pinterest

Industrial wallpaper is huge in interior design. Infusing your home with heritage and character, this style genre is available in countless forms — from brick and stone, to wood and slate. Whether you want warm rustic or cool urban, industrial wallpaper is versatile and stylish for a striking effect that you can easily complement with various other tones and furnishings. Check out the best Pinterest industrial wallpapers and reinvent any room in your home. Metallic industrial wallpaper Scratched and distressed surfaces like this fake metal wallpaper design are right on... Read More

Leopard Print Animal Wallpaper 27/06/2017

9 Best-Selling Animal Wallpapers

Animal wallpapers make bringing the peace, beauty and diversity of nature into your home easy and effective. One of the hottest interior design trends at the moment, animal print wallpapers don’t always have to be bold and brash. From loud leopard prints to subtle bird feathers, there’s so much out there for you to create the type of tone, character and atmosphere you want in your home using just animal pattern wallcoverings. So, check out our best-selling animal wallpaper selection to see how you can do up your own home... Read More

Tropical Beach Mural 16/06/2017

Easy Interior Design Ideas for a Cool and Bright Summer Room

Creating the perfect summer room in time for the sunny season can be a breeze. Summertimes are all about sea, sand, holidays, ice cream, terraced bars, family trips, and enjoying the great outdoors, so why not infuse your home with the same laid-back, good-time atmosphere?   At I Want Wallpaper, we’ve put together our best suggestions for how you can create a cool and bright summer room that traps the relaxation and positive feelings that go with our favourite time of year. Read on for some DIY summer decorating tips.  ... Read More

Wood, Brick, Graffiti, and Sandstone Faux-Effect Wallpaper 02/05/2017

The Surge in Faux-Effect Wallpaper for Your Home

There was once a time when the idea of decking our interior walls with brick, slate or concrete would seem mad. But now, faux-effect wallpaper is one of the biggest interior design themes to crash onto the scene since shabby-chic. The rise in popularity of faux-effect wallpaper might seem odd to some. Why would you want the inside to look like the outside? But when you dig deeper, there’s actually several excellent reasons why more and more DIY designers today are embracing the faux-effect look. If you’re looking to re-decorate... Read More

How to Clean Your Wallpaper

You’ve got the ideal wallpaper, everything matches and the house is looking like a show home. But sooner or later, those walls are going to show signs of dust, grime and — heaven forbid — staining. If you’re wondering how to clean your wallpaper quickly, easily and without damaging it, we’ve got the guide for you. After researching the best methods and techniques, we’ve come up with a step-by-step guide to keeping your wallpaper clean and protected. Taking into account all kinds of stains and plenty of tips; read our... Read More

Top 7 Best Flower Wallpaper Designs

Flower wallpaper is a rising trend in interior design. If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you redecorate a room in your house, why not go floral? You get a wide and interesting colour palette with modern floral wallpaper designs, as well as patterns that range from realistic woodland to exotic Eden. Go through our varied selection of top seven best-selling flower wallpapers and see if you can picture them in your home.   Belgravia Floral Leaf Glitter Motif Embossed Wallpaper   Our list of the best flower wallpaper... Read More

Top Interior Design Colours for 2017

As enthusiastically hopeful trendsetters ourselves, we know how important it is to keep ahead of the latest fashion. If you’re thinking about how to decorate your home, but aren’t sure what colour scheme to go for, we should be able to help. Here, we’ve put together a set of (well-researched) predictions for upcoming interior design colour schemes in 2017. There’s a real mixed bag here and we’ve even thrown in some ideas for complementing colors with furniture to really help you with your ‘how to decorate’ problem. So, take a... Read More

Choose the Perfect Mural for Your Room

Mural wallpaper is a hugely popular trend. It’s an easier alternative to papering a whole room and it’s great for people who like to change their home decor often. The downside is that its popularity has boosted the number of mural designs to a point where it’s hard to wade through them all and choose the one for you. That’s why we’ve put together some of our top murals for nearly every room in your house. From keeping kids happy to giving your guests something to chat about, there’s something... Read More

5 Wicked Retro Wallpapers For Your Home

Retro is fast becoming a titan in the world of wallpaper design. Once, the trend was the clean-cut bareness of minimalism with its stark, neutral colours and lack of patterns and pictures. But now, retro wallpaper — with its vintage style, former fashions and images of the past — is on the up. If you want something bright, bold and different that adds personality and warmth to your decor, we’ve put together our top five retro wallpaper designs for you to consider trying in your home next year. Navigator VIP... Read More

Wallpaper Trends to Watch Out For in 2017

Whatever you might think of 2016, it’s been a fantastic year for wallpaper and it’s only expected to get better. More and more people are realising that wallpaper is a quick, simple and affordable way to bring any room to life, which means that the demand for new designs and textures to suit all decors is rocketing. So, what are the new wallpaper trends for 2017? We, of course, always have our finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest wallpaper designs. And today, we’ve taken it upon... Read More