How to Measure for Wallpaper

Trust us, measuring for wallpaper is pretty simple. If you need to accurately estimate the amount of wallpaper you’ll need to transform a space, just follow the steps below.

  1. Calculate the scale of your project

Measure the height and length of each wall you want to cover with wallpaper and jot down your findings. (Subtract any doorways or widows from the total figure.) Multiply the length and width of your walls in order to get the area in square feet. Add up the area of each wall you intend to wallpaper in order to get the total area. Since it’s always better to have a little wriggle room, increase the total area by 15%.

1. Choose your pattern

You won’t be able to find out how much wallpaper you need until you’ve decided on a wallpaper pattern. Wallpapers are created in straight and drop match patterns.

If you’re on a budget, bear in mind that a straight pattern will require the least amount of wallpaper, while a drop pattern is likely to create more waste.

When a pattern is different along the right and left edge (drop pattern), you may have to shift lengths of wallpaper up and down in order to get it to match.

To discover the repeat length of a drop pattern, check out the wallpaper packaging or the back of a wallpaper sample. (You might even like to measure it yourself to make sure it’s correct.) Verify the number of square feel a single roll of wallpaper will cover.

Bear the following figures in mind:

  • Drop patterns measuring 0-6 inches have 25 square feet of usable wallpaper.
  • Drop patterns measuring 7-12 inches have 22 square feet of usable wallpaper.
  • Drop patterns measuring 13-18 inches have 20 square feet of usable wallpaper.
  • Drop patterns measuring 19-23 inches have only half a roll of usable wallpaper


2. Calculate the number of single rolls you’ll need

Divide your estimated total square footage by the amount of usable wallpaper on a single roll.

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