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Designing Inspiring Spaces for your Kids

When it comes to decorating kids’ rooms, it’s easy to get a little bit carried away, which is why we’ve put together this great list of decorating dos and don’ts.

Do let your kids have a say

If your children are old enough to have an opinion, ask them how they’d like their bedroom or playroom to be decorated. You might even like to have a “fantasy room” brainstorm, during which you can both express outrageous ideas. Once the brainstorming phase is over, begin scaling ideas back. If your little ones would like a live-in tiger, for example, consider a tiger print rug.

Asking your kids about their favourite colours and hobbies is another great jump off point. If your little girl loves drawing and painting, you could create a designated “art station” complete with pen and pencil pots, a drawing table and crafty storage.

Tiger Wallpaper

Don’t split rooms down the middle but do acknowledge differences

If your kids are sharing a space, coming to a compromise can be tricky. Don’t split rooms down the middle but zone spaces effectively, and allow your children to have a say when it comes to their own bedding and accessories.

Do get creative with accessories

If your son or daughter loves something you can’t stand (pink/1D/camouflage/West Bromwich Albion), or you think they might grow out of, reference his or her tastes using accessories, such as wall art and bedding. Over time, such items can be replaced more easily than larger, more costly pieces.

Don’t be afraid to make a statement

If you want to create a really special space for your son or daughter, don’t be afraid to make a bold statement. Mural wallpapers come in an array of colours and designs, and are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.


Do buy a full size bed

Invest in the sort of timeless bed your child will grow into. (Naturally, bunk and twin beds are great if your kids are sharing.) Adjacent to this, high quality furniture won’t need replacing once your child hits their teens.

Do set your kids to work

Allowing your kids to take part in the decorating process gives them a sense of pride and ownership. Remember, some day, their childhood bedroom will be a treasured memory, so enjoy the decorating process together.