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How To Use Wallpaper To Change The Look And Feel Of A Room

We at I Want Wallpaper pride ourselves on having a huge range of wallpaper colours, textures, and patterns. We understand that you’re trying to find wallpaper that reflects your personal taste, but sometimes you also need your wallpaper to do a little more

Wallpaper can change the look and feel of a room, altering the perception of the space. The right wallpaper makes small rooms appear larger, big rooms cosier, and dark rooms lighter.

Wallpapering is the easiest way to change the appearance of a room’s dimensions, creating completely different looks for your home.

Make Low Rooms Look Higher

You can give the impression that a room is taller than it really is by:

  • Using a wallpaper with vertical stripes
  • Painting or using a light coloured, preferably white, wallpaper
  • Using a single light block of colour


Make High Rooms Look Lower

You can make high-ceiling rooms look lower by:

  • Using a combination of two wallpapers, with a horizontal border separating them
  • Top the wallpaper at the ceiling with a border, or the ceiling paper overlaps the wallpaper
  • Paper the ceiling with a darker coloured wallpaper than the walls

Make a Small Room Look Wider

You can make a small room look wider by:

  • Use lighter coloured wallpaper
  • Use plain wallpaper or wallpaper with small patterns
  • Pick one wall (without windows or doors) and decorate it with a large pattern wallpaper or a dark coloured wallpaper

Make a Large Room Look Cosier

If you want to make a large room look cosier, then why not try