How To Create an Effective Theme Within Your Home Interior

Adding a theme to your home interior can be a great way to personalise your home to match your hobbies, interests or simply just your design tastes. Themes allow you to create a consistency in decoration and more often than not help to tie everything together as one.

Below, we have racked our brains and put together all the hints, tips and advice that we can think of to help you, our lovely customers, create a effective theme in your own home.

If you are starting to decorate your home from scratch then the best place to get the base of your theme is the wallpaper as this runs throughout the room acting almost as a backdrop of the rest of your furniture and accessories.

Your wallpaper doesn’t have to give away what the theme is, it can be as simple as you like, but as long as the colour and style match what you are aiming to do with the rest of the room then it will be a success.

Creating a feature wall can be a brilliant way of incorporating a bit more detail of your theme into the wallpaper. Feature walls are normally based on one wall in the room (but can be two, it’s up to you!) and use an eye-catching, detailed wallpaper which then becomes the main centre of attention in that space. For example, using zebra print wallpaper on your feature wall and then adding in zebra print accessories such as cushions or throws will help to bring the theme to life within the room.

Another example of this would be choosing slate effect wallpaper for your feature wall and then adding in slate accessories like coasters or picture frames to further enhance the aesthetics of the natural material.

You can also create a theme by matching your furniture and accessories to a prominent feature of your home. If you are blessed with some stunning solid wood flooring then adding matching solid wood furniture helps to create consistency and enhance the beauty of the wood throughout the room.

Let us know all about your experiences creating a home interior theme using the comments section below!


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