Wallpapering Your Ceiling: Is It As Hard As It Sounds?

When you think of wallpapering, your mind naturally gravitates towards wallpapering, well, walls. But if your ceiling has hairline cracks that you want to cover up, or you are looking for a room refresh, perhaps wallpapering for a more decorative (or simple!) effect may be for you.

As long as your ceiling is flat and smooth, it should be pretty straightforward – but if you are working with slopes and different shaped ceilings, it could be slightly tricky and you may want to seek assistance if you do not have the appropriate skills.

There are numerous benefits that come along with wallpapering your ceiling and they are mostly around the idea that it generally enhances the overall look and finished style of the room, as they can often be neglected and forgotten about. Perhaps you want to bring a certain ambiance to the room? If you want to ensure that a room that is bright and airy, select a white or a light shade, whereas on the other hand, you can select a darker colour to create a cosier atmosphere. Maybe you have some beams or a ceiling feature to highlight? Complement these with a bold shade to ensure that they stand out and remain a focal point of the room.

If you are thinking of going ahead and tackling the task, here are some of our top tips to ensure your ceiling is looking its finest…

It is important that you have a strong, flat platform to work from. As you will be working from a height, you want to make sure that you are steady on your feet.

– If you are using a decorative patterned paper, draw a line parallel to the wall as a guide to your first piece.

– Apply a wallpaper primer to the ceiling; this will reduce damage when the wallpaper is next removed.

– Get help! It’s a tricky task to do by yourself, so try to talk a family member or friend into helping you.

Happy Wallpapering!

Before wallpapering your ceiling, make sure you don’t commit any of the most common colour mistakes when decorating!

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