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Focal Fireplaces: Wallpaper Chimney Breast Ideas

There’s nothing quite like a fireplace to add a cosy, stylish edge to a living room. But are you making the most of yours?

A fireplace creates an instant focal point in any room, making it the perfect area to showcase your sense of style. Using wallpaper to create a feature wall on your chimney breast is the perfect way to do this, refreshing, reviving and injecting a touch of fashion into your space.

Whether you have a working log burner or an empty fireplace you’re looking to transform, here are some of our top chimney breast wallpaper ideas at I Want Wallpaper.

Choose an industrial faux effect wallpaper

We’re loving the industrial trend – it is the perfect blend of classic and contemporary design, guaranteed to add an instant touch of style to your home. The industrial trend is all about raw, natural materials, making it the perfect option when looking to frame your fireplace.

From traditional brick effect wallpapers to opulent marble effect wallpapers, across the I Want Wallpaper collection you can discover an array of options to add a rustic yet modern edge to your living room.

For a light, fresh and modern look, opt for a wood panel wallpaper. The A.S. Creation Painted Wood Beam Textured Wallpaper is a great choice for any living rooms with a natural, bright colour theme.

Choose a patterned wallpaper

If you’re looking to introduce patterns into your living room but don’t want them to overpower the rest of the space, using a patterned wallpaper on your chimney breast is ideal. If you’re looking to really make a style statement, choose something bold that will create a juxtaposition with the wall around it.

To bring the outside in and inject life into your living room, go green! A tropical or jungle print wallpaper framing your fireplace is a fantastic way to breathe instant life into a space. And, because you are only wallpapering a small space, you can afford to really go bold with your choices – just keep the rest of the room subtle to balance out the bold print.

With its rich green shade and vibrant parrot print, the Grandeco Botanical Trees Leaves and Bird Print Wallpaper is sure to create a beautiful focal point in your living room.


Choose metallics

Yes, we know a metallic chimney breast sounds like a lot to handle! But, done right, it can actually be very subtle, chic and stylish. For example, a grey living room with a silver-toned metallic wallpaper chimney breast can look extremely understated and classy. Alternatively, opt for a black and gold metallic wallpaper.

Black wallpaper is great for bringing depth and warmth to a room, and works wonderfully as a feature wall around your fireplace. Opt for black with metallic detailing to add interest, and keep the rest of the living room light to create contrast.

The Holden Decor Shimmering Geo Striped Wallpaper, with its fashion forward rose gold detailing, is perfect for bringing an art deco vibe to your fireplace and living room.


Go minimal


Sometimes to make a statement, you need to think outside of the box. A plain white chimney breast, if done right, can actually make a huge impression. The trick here is to create contrast with the surrounding walls while ensuring the whole look ties well together.

To do this, opt for a modern geometric print for the walls on either side of your chimney breast – a subtle colour on a white base will tie together well with the white of your chimney breast.

The Erismann Geometric Stripe Pattern Wallpaper, with its stylish teal and white shade, is the perfect option for the walls surrounding your fireplace. For the chimney breast, opt for a plain white wallpaper, and hang a statement mirror to complete the look.


For further stylish wallpapers to totally transform any room, check out the full I Want Wallpaper collection. Or, to keep on top of the latest styles as and when they arrive, head on over to our wallpaper trends page where you can explore marble wallpapers, rose gold wallpapers and more.