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Feeling Adventurous? Bold Print Wallpaper For Every Room

There really is something to be said for a bold, printed wallpaper. The right printed wallpaper can totally transform a room, be it used as an eye catching feature wall or adorning the whole room. A bold print wallpaper makes a statement — it is bold, bright and always stylish. Over the last few years we’ve seen a huge increase in people taking the plunge and decking their walls in statement prints. We’ve decided to take a closer look at the bold printed wallpaper trend, detailing some top decor inspirations... Read More


Metallic Wallpaper: A Rising Trend

Of all the trends of the year, the metallic wallpaper trend remains a firm favourite here at I Want Wallpaper.   From creating a glamourous feature wall in a living room or bedroom to making a statement in a kitchen or dining room, one thing is certain; the metallic trend is here to stay!   If you’re considering indulging yourself and your home with some ultra fashion metallic decor, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together our top metallic wallpaper styles, alongside handy guidance of how to style... Read More


Moving Home: What’s Most Likely to Put Us Off a Property?

Of all the purchases you make in your life, a new home is probably the most expensive — and with that comes a lot of pressure to get it right. From the house structure, layout and garden to the neighbourhood, there’s just so much to consider. Combine with the fact that you usually only get one or two short viewings before being expected to make a potentially life-changing decision and, simply put, house-hunting can be a total nightmare!   Property Viewing Survey We were interested to discover the key things... Read More


Making Your Home Cosy For Winter

There’s something to be said for winter evenings at home. In winter our homes become our retreat: we cuddle up around the fire, enjoy hot chocolates (or mulled wines!) and, quite simply relax in a way that isn’t quite possible when the sun is shining outside. With the nights getting darker and the weather outside getting colder, we’re getting excited about the transformations of our homes. Winter calls for cosiness, and there are a number of easy decor tricks you can try to instantly bring a snug, comforting atmosphere to... Read More


What to Expect: 2018 Wallpaper Trends

2018 is looking closer than ever. We know, we know — we’re still a couple of months away yet. But as far as we’re concerned, it’s never too early to be prepared for the new decor trends the new year will bring! We’ve done our research, and put together the top wallpaper trends for 2018. From metallic features to avocado green walls, here are our six favourite ways to transform your home for the new year. Botanical print wallpaper Botanical was a huge decor trend throughout 2017, and is looking... Read More

Holden Decor Bird and Butterfly Wallpaper 30/08/2017
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Five Bird & Butterfly Wallpapers to Get You in a Flutter

Bird and butterfly wallpaper is a soothing and inspiring choice of home decor. For most of us, nature is a stress-beater and mood-booster. Just getting outside, taking a long walk or watching the world go by is enough to make us feel rested and content — no matter how stressful our week’s been. So, why not bring nature inside and get this feeling from the comfort of your home? We have a beautiful collection of bird and butterfly wallpaper in all kinds of shades and styles for you to browse.... Read More

Muriva Red Brick Wallpaper 16/08/2017
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Five Best Brick Wallpapers

Brick-effect wallpaper is one of the hottest interior decorating trends used by experienced designers across the field for its universal appeal. With the rustic charm and raw beauty of stripped down brick walls, brick wallpaper is an effective and efficient choice for anyone looking to move away from traditional home decor and towards versatile industrial style. In other words, bringing the outside indoors. There’s huge variety in this booming interior design trend today and our brick wallpaper range is filled with stunning, high-quality wallpapers for you to hang anywhere in... Read More