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Incredible Wall Mural Ideas To Personalise Your Home

When you want to freshen up your home’s style without completely redecorating a room, mural wallpaper is the perfect option. Here at I Want Wallpaper, we offer a large variety of murals to choose from to decorate any space and complement any taste. These wallpaper murals have designs as varied as animal prints, Disney characters, the brick effect, and breathtaking landscapes, and are sure to add a unique flair to any room.

For those who love doing up the house, but don’t feel like spending a huge amount of money redecorating a room, you can look around online for deals and stock up on all kinds of wallpaper for cheap. You already might be familiar with other decorating websites, but you won’t always find an amazing deal on high quality wallpaper murals there. For example, you may find some prints for very little cost, but these are often limited to small prints. So, let’s have a look at one of the finest mural prints to uplift the mood of your home.

1. AS Creation Floral Butterfly Duck Egg Wallpaper

This wallpaper mural features a print of a beautiful, colourful butterfly designed in the style of a watercolour. The butterflies are surrounded by pink roses, adding to the romantic feel of this design. For those who like bold colours and vivid prints, this mural would be ideal for decorating their home. Not only is it easy to apply, but it is also very reasonably priced.

This item is sold as part of our range of self-adhesive wall stickers. The self-adhesive wall stickers are generally easier to apply and are made from a much thicker, high quality paper than any other wall sticker design on the market. The paper has a special coating that makes it removable, due to its lightweight nature, without damaging the wallpaper underneath. Wallpaper murals that have been stuck onto walls using this method have proven to last for months without peeling or lifting at all.

2. AS Creation Jungle Animals Palm Tree Wallpaper

The designs on this mural are very bright, and the colours are bold. This makes the print suitable for younger people. If you are looking for a design to add a pop of colour to the bedroom of your teenage daughter, then this is the ideal choice. With an exotic palm tree and jungle animals in the background, there is no doubt that this wallpaper will be both fun and interesting to look at. This product comes highly recommended by many consumers because of its easy application, durability, and vibrant design.

3. 1 Wall Planet Earth Space Globe Wallpaper Mural

Why not make use of the pop of colour in your room by choosing a wallpaper mural that is bright and cheerful? This wallpaper mural is a great choice for adding personality to your home. With vivid colours, this wallpaper mural plays with a wide range of different shades and hues. For those who are seeking something different, but don’t want to completely overhaul an entire wall, this mural would be ideal because it is not too intricate, and will fit in with almost any style of interior design. This wallpaper is priced at a very reasonable rate, and is worth the money.

4. AS Creation Mandala Elephant Paisley Teal Wallpaper Feature Wall Mural

If you are planning on decorating a bathroom then this is the ideal wallpaper mural for the space. The bright colour pallet provides an uplifting environment in which you can relax and unwind after a long day in the busy world we live in today. With a product that not only looks cool, but is also fun and interesting to look at, this wallpaper mural would be perfect for anyone looking to decorate their home with something different. It features a Mandala Elephant on a teal textured background.

5. New York Taxi Giant Wallpaper Mural

This magnificent mural by 1 Wall is a high-quality color print of yellow New York City cabs in Times Square and is guaranteed to be a conversation starter wherever it is placed. The mural wallpaper measures 3.15 meters in width and 2.32 meters in height and comes in four separate sections that may be cut to fit any wall. An easy method to make a huge impression, whether you’re decorating your house or a public space like a restaurant or business.

6. Red Brick Wall Photo Giant Poster

This Red brick wall mural is suitable for a house with a rustic feel. Any area, whether living room, study, bedroom, or workplace, may benefit from the trendy rustic touch. This red brick wallpaper print will be an excellent addition to any area with a modern feel in mind. The brick wall wallpaper is printed on high quality photo paper, which makes it ideal for interior designs.

7. Colour In World Map Wallpaper Mural

Kids may express their imagination on this mural wallpaper deco without making a huge mess in their bedroom. The youngster will have a fantastic time as you help them identify locations on a map. They can make any number of connections from this wallpaper. It’s a fun way to improve their memory and hand-eye coordination!

8. Paris Eiffel Tower Wallpaper Mural

Do you want a wall mural that is perfect to add some artistic flair to your home? This wallpaper mural gives you the opportunity to decorate a wall in an artistic way. The Eiffel Tower is reproduced in vibrant colours, making it an attractive decoration for any room in your home.

Bottom Line

How far are you willing to go when decorating your room? If you want to try out some unique ideas and make your home look more appealing and stylish, then try drawing up a list of different wallpaper murals that you may like. Some ideas are cool, while others are a little more “out there”. However, the great thing about wallpaper murals is that they offer a variety of styles and designs so that imagination can be the only limit. There is something for every type of personality in this collection of wallpaper murals.