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5 ways to use glitter wallpaper in an adult’s bedroom

Glitter wallpaper can be a beautifully transformative way to enhance your sleeping sanctuary and update the overall look of your boudoir with a more vibrant aesthetic. Glitter wallpaper is a bold statement, so if you’re wondering how to use it in the best way to suit your style, choosing the right style can help you bring this new look into your bedroom without narrowing down your decoration options, or over-energising your bedroom.

Our team of experts have compiled five quick tips to help you renovate your bedroom using different styles of glitter wallpaper.

Use light, classic shades

If you’re experimenting with glitter wallpaper for the first time, muted metallics like silver and pastels are a great way to incorporate a sparkly theme into your bedroom. This plain silver wallpaper with a stripe glitter motif has subtle traces of glitter throughout and won’t be overwhelmingly glitzy. If plain metallics aren’t your favourite, why not opt for a subtle blush colour textured glitter motif wallpaper and bring a beautiful sense of femininity to your bedroom? 

Create a feature wall

Are you inclined towards a bolder glitter print wallpaper, but unsure if it will overpower the room? This is a great time to choose a wall to make a feature. You can use complimentary colours that match your overall colour theme, or a brand-new colour palette introduced through your feature wall. This Damask floral glitter wallpaper would be a gorgeous addition to a classically themed room to really transform it. For a bold, bright and strong feature wall, this monochrome stripe glitter wallpaper is an excellent choice, and gives you the freedom to accessorise and decorate in any colour of your choosing. 

Explore glitter patterns

Glitter prints and patterns come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. You can be as bold or as understated as you like when using glitter patterned wallpaper to rejuvenate your bedroom. Turn up the glam with this damask pattern wallpaper which is subtle enough to be suitable for applying to the entire room. If you’re unsure of whether to commit to four walls, this textured stripe glitter wallpaper is deserving of its own feature wall which you can expand throughout the entire room if you decide you love it.   

Keep it understated

Ease yourself into glitter by choosing a slight shimmer instead of a bright shine. You can introduce new colours effortlessly by choosing a wallpaper with glitter strands or speckles – like this bobble textured glitter motif, or opt for a more classic colour palette with this striped contemporary textured wallpaper.  You can always add on to the level of shimmer through accessories, murals, and wall art, or keep it low key with neutral or non-glitter wallpaper applied to the rest of the room.

Be bold

For those looking to overhaul their bedroom with a bold glitter wallpaper, this glitterati bobble textured wallpaper is available in ten bright and bold shades and will transform your bedroom in no time at all. If you’re keen on a bold glitter print, but unsure how well it will work if applied to the entire room, this English garden floral glitter wallpaper makes an incredible statement and would work excellently applied to a single feature wall. Whilst this works well as a feature, don’t be afraid to use it across all four walls! 

Glitter wallpaper is a fun, fresh way to bring any room in your home to life. It invokes a sense of glamour to the bedroom and helps transform it into a haven with just the right balance of energy and whimsical. Explore our range of glitter wallpapers and order your free sample today.