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7 Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas To Encourage A Relaxing Night’s Sleep

You may love bright colours and bold statement prints, but these might not be the best option when it comes to choosing a bedroom wallpaper. You want your bedroom to be a calming oasis, a relaxing haven where you can clear your mind before drifting off for a peaceful night’s sleep, and tropical prints or bright yellows may not be conducive to that.

bedroom with white walls and white bedding

Instead, look for calming colours when you’re selecting a bedroom wallpaper, such as blues, purples, and soft, neutral shades; think about what relaxes you too, whether it’s the surf crashing on the beach or marvelling at the night sky. Incorporating these elements into your bedroom décor can help you to create a peaceful space to encourage a relaxing night’s sleep. 

With these themes in mind, read on to discover some of our favourite modern bedroom wallpaper ideas for creating your very own relaxing haven. 

7 Of Our Favourite Relaxing Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

From wallpaper designs inspired by the sea to cloud patterns and calming blues and purples, here are our favourite bedroom wallpaper ideas for creating a relaxing haven that you can’t wait to escape to each evening. 

leaf-patterned wallpaper in bedroom

1. Take Inspiration From Calming Open Skies

Getting outside into open landscapes, whether it’s an empty beach or up in the hills, can be incredibly relaxing, helping to calm our minds. Taking photos of your favourite scenery during your adventures and framing these to put in your bedroom can be one way to bring that same relaxing feel to your bedroom, or you could decorate with a wallpaper that’s inspired by the sky.

The Rasch Poetry Clouds Sky Textured Stripe Non Woven Grey Blue White Wallpaper (priced at £23 per roll) features brushstrokes of soft grey, lilac, pastel blue, and white, to create an effect reminiscent of an open, countryside sky. The paint strokes look a little like rolling clouds in a vast sky, with just a hint of rain.

Allow this bedroom feature wallpaper to take centre stage by styling it with:

  • Framed photos of your favourite beaches or landscapes
  • Soft furnishings in the blues or purples featured in the wallpaper 
  • Cosy lighting to bring a warm feel to those cool shades

2. Cloud-Patterned Wallpaper 

cloud-patterned wallpaper

What could be more relaxing than drifting off to sleep surrounded by fluffy clouds? Well, with the Arthouse Watery Skies Grey Glitter Shimmer Clouds Moon Stars Wallpaper (£15 per roll), you can feel as though you’re getting a glimpse of the land of nod itself before you go to sleep. 

This bedroom wallpaper features white clouds, moons, and stars on a soft grey background, with just a hint of glitter shimmer adding a touch of sparkle to the design. When you’re surrounded by what looks like a dreamworld, it may feel easier to drift into your own dreams. 

And if you are struggling to get to sleep, papering your bedroom in this design means you’ll be looking at a beautifully calming pattern that’s gentle on the eyes. 

Accessories this white and grey bedroom wallpaper with:

  • A grey, crushed velvet headboard
  • Fluffy grey throws
  • Metallic silver cushions
  • Silver accents – opt for silver photo frames, lamp stands, and ornaments
  • A white fluffy rug – feel as though you’re stepping on your very own cloud

3. Wallpaper In Calming Blues

dark blue textured wallpaper roll

Blue is believed to be the most calming colour of all, which is why it’s the one of our top recommendations for bedroom wallpaper idea. From soft pastel blues to darker navy, different shades of blue can bring a relaxing feel to your bedroom, so there’s something to suit every preference. 

If you’re looking for a navy blue bedroom wallpaper, we love the Superfresco Easy Vintage Clouds Navy Sketch Wallpaper (£15 per roll), which features line drawings of white clouds on a dark blue background.

For something with a little more texture, opt for the Arthouse Patina Textured Vinyl Glitter Metallic Navy Silver Wallpaper (£25 per roll). This wallpaper combines navy blue with grey and silver, which makes it a good choice for a bedroom. 

Style your blue bedroom wallpaper with:

  • Bedding in a contrasting shade of blue
  • Silver or copper accessories
  • Grey soft furnishings
  • Dark wooden flooring or a deep-coloured carpet

4. Violet Wallpaper

violet galaxy print wallpaper in bedroom

As violet is a purple shade that has a blue base, it’s also seen as a wonderfully calming shade, making it a great option for bedroom wallpaper.

Opt for a plain purple wallpaper like the Arthouse Linen Texture Effect Paper Modern Plain Pattern Heather Wallpaper (£16 per roll), which has a soft, textured appearance that lends itself perfectly to being surrounded by plenty of soft furnishings. 

If you want to incorporate violet into a pattern, the Arthouse Diamond Galaxy Glitter Vinyl Bold Space-Inspired Shimmer Finish Purple Wallpaper (£15 per roll) is a gorgeous choice. This galaxy print wallpaper combines different shades of purple and blue with flecks of white to create a space-like pattern.

Team this galaxy wallpaper with:

  • Navy blue or deep purple soft furnishings
  • Create a feature wall in your bedroom by using the paper on one wall and painting the other walls violet
  • Metallic silver accessories
  • Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling – a fun touch if you’re using this wallpaper in a child’s bedroom

5. Wallpaper Inspired By The Sea

The sight and sound of the sea crashing onto the beach can be incredibly relaxing – so much so that this is often a feature of guided meditations that encourage you to take your mind to a relaxing place. 

If you always feel calmer by the sea, bring the surf to your bedroom with the A.S. Creation Wave Pattern Beige Sea Surf Water Motif Embossed Textured Wallpaper (£16 per roll). This minimalist wallpaper design is neutral-coloured, which makes it calming to look at, and its subtle pattern evokes waves crashing onto the shore.

This bedroom wallpaper would also work in a bathroom – it would be lovely and soothing to look at while you’re enjoying a relaxing bath. In the bedroom, style it with:

  • White or cream soft furnishings
  • Different textured rugs and throws to bring extra softness and cosiness to the room
  • A sound machine that plays the sound of the sea while you fall asleep to bring the wallpaper to life – alternatively, stream ocean sounds via your phone
  • A sea salt-scented reed diffuser or candle

6. Blossom-Patterned Wallpaper

blue wallpaper with pink cherry blossom pattern

If your go-to when you’re trying to clear your mind is to picture past holidays or calming nature, bring a cherry blossom tree to your bedroom with the A.S. Creation Cherry Blossom Floral Trail Teal Green Pink Black Wallpaper (£19 per roll). 

Inspired by Japan’s breathtaking cherry blossom, the pink petals on a calming blue background are a gorgeous image to calm your mind as you drift off to sleep. 

Team this modern bedroom wallpaper with:

  • Real or artificial pink flowers to let the cherry blossom design take centre stage
  • Pastel pink bedding 
  • Green soft furnishings, such as cushions and throws, to bring out the green of the leaves featured in the wallpaper

7. Night Sky Wallpaper For Children’s Bedrooms

Bring a slice of the night sky to a child’s bedroom while keeping it dark enough to encourage them to go to sleep with the Superfresco Glow in the Dark Planetarium Blue Wallpaper (£17 per roll). With repeating planets and stars design, the design is grown-up enough to be used in a teenager’s bedroom, while the glow in the dark element makes it fun for a younger child’s room.

Go all out with the space theme and complete your bedroom decor with:

  • Astronaut bedding
  • Glow in the dark stars on the ceiling
  • A model of the solar system
  • A space-themed mural on one wall
  • A round, white night light to mimic the moon

Other Tips For A Relaxing Night’s Sleep

woman sleeping under duvet

Once your bedroom decor feels as calming as possible, you should try to get into the habit of following a consistent bedtime routine to clear your mind and relax your body before bed. As well as trying to go to bed at the same time each night, you might also like to try:

  • Have a relaxing bath – add in a few drops of lavender essential oil to make it extra relaxing. Avoid watching TV in the bath or looking at your phone – instead, let yourself relax as much as possible
  • Make a calming drink – a warm milky drink or a chamomile tea before bed can feel soothing, comforting, and relax before bed
  • Meditate to calm your mind – if you’re new to meditation, try listening to a guided meditation podcast. Once you’re familiar with what you need to do to clear your mind, you may be able to do it without guidance in future
  • Avoid screen time – the blue light that our phones and tablets emit can trick our brains into thinking they’re more awake than they really are. This can leave us feeling drained and make it harder to get to sleep, so get into the habit of avoiding screen time for a couple of hours before you go to bed
  • Make sure the room is properly dark – blackout curtains or shutters can help to make your bedroom as dark as possible, which may help you with getting to sleep
  • Use a pillow spray – these typically contain calming essential fragrances such as lavender and chamomile. Achieve the same effect by burning a scented candle (remember to always snuff it out before you go to sleep), or opt for a reed diffuser if you’re worried about using a candle when you’re feeling sleepy
  • Try sleep supplements – look for herbal supplements that contain valerian. Known for its sedative properties, valerian is believed to help reduce the amount of time it takes for you to fall asleep at night
  • Place plants around your bedroom – some types of plants, such as peace lilies, snake plants, and aloe release oxygen throughout the night, so placing these around your room could help you with getting a good night’s sleep

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