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Bedroom Wallpaper Trends

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas: 4 Styles You’ll Fall In Love With

All too often, bedrooms can be neglected when it comes to style.

While it’s true that your bedroom may not be a space that is seen too often by guests to your home, it is a room where you personally will be spending vast amounts of time. Different decor can create different moods and themes in your bedroom: the right decor can even promote a good night’s sleep, so it’s important to get it right!

Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing space, make a fashion statement or simply breathe new life into a room, wallpaper is the perfect way to makeover your bedroom. From the subtle to the statement, here at I Want Wallpaper we’re exploring our favourite bedroom decor trends and showing you how to nail the looks in your own home.

For those looking to unwind

If you’re looking to create a space that brings about an instant sense of calm, colour is the perfect starting point. Certain colours can promote different feelings – look for pale blues, greys and light greens to create a relaxing vibe.

  • Grandeco Kismet Damask Pattern Wallpaper

Nature themes are also great for bringing a relaxing feel to the bedroom. Birds, the sky, nautical or forest scenes are all linked to an innate feeling of calm, so why not opt for these on your walls? Whether you decorate every wall with a subtle nature-inspired print, create an eye-catching feature wall or opt for a high-quality wall mural, there are a whole host of options to suit your space.

  • 1 Wall Seaside Ocean Pier Giant Wallpaper Mural

For minimalists

Sometimes, minimal really is best. If you’re looking to create a bedroom to rival even the fanciest of hotels, minimal is key. Think clean, fresh and timeless, with white sheets, neutral decor and subtle accessories.

When it comes to your walls, white really is key here. White walls create a large, open-feeling space that is naturally bright and clean looking. Opt for shabby chic with a wood faux effect wallpaper, or look for subtle patterns to create an elegant finish. Once you’ve completed your all-white decor look, use soft lighting, lamps and candles to create various focal points and depth in the room.

  • Arthouse White Washed Wood Panel Pattern Wallpaper

For lovers of colour

If neutral just isn’t for you, colour is also a fantastic way to brighten up a space. Colour can offer a whole load of character, and really bring a room to life.

Of course, different colours can suit different spaces, and evoke different emotions. Blues and pale greens, as discussed, are perfect for a calm space, while bold reds and yellows will bring a statement energy to a room.

If you’re looking for something modern and stylish, look for jewel or pastel shades. Jewel-toned wallpaper is perfect for bringing a rich, luxurious edge to a bedroom, while a pastel wallpaper provides a more subtle finish.

  • Arthouse Glitterato Plain Wallpaper Textured Glitter in Emerald

For a unique finish

If you’re looking for something a little more avant-garde in your bedroom, have you considered black wallpaper? While black isn’t a colour often used on walls, it can be ideal for bringing a cosy yet sophisticated atmosphere to the bedroom.

A black wall is luxurious and dramatic, and also a great way of blending masculine and feminine styles. If you’re wary of going all out with an all-over black shade, opt for black wallpaper with stylish metallic detailing, or dark navy shades.

  • Arthouse A Shade Wilder Pavonis Macaroon Damask Pattern Wallpaper Metallic

For further bedroom wallpaper inspiration, be sure to explore the full wallpaper selection at I Want Wallpaper. From plain wallpapers to patterned options and everything in between, you’re sure to find the perfect wallpaper to take your room to the next level.