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How to Create a Feature Wall

When someone says feature wall, the first thing that springs to mind is three walls of paint and one wall of brightly coloured, patterned paper that is the “feature”. Creating a feature wall in your room will create a focal point that guests and visitors will be wowed by and is so simple to do. There is so much choice these days to create a feature wall with specially designed wallpaper ranges for just the job. Regardless of how you design your feature wall, the formula of three walls paint and one wall papered is a winning one. Your feature wall can suit whatever interior style and design you are hoping to achieve. From modern and minimalist, to homely, vintage and warm, feature walls can create a focal point for all styles.

One of our favourite types of feature walls is the modern cityscape wallpaper. Such scenes as New York’s skyline or London’s cityscape are the perfect way to create an inspiring and outstanding feature wall. Teamed with magnolia or even a darker paint on the three walls, the cityscape can make an unique and interesting wall that wows your guests and visitors.

Another exciting and innovative approach to feature walls are the newspaper wallpaper you can find online. These are rolls of wallpaper that feature newspaper headlines to look like you have papered real newspapers onto your wall. It’s an exciting and inventive approach to an eye catching design. Newspaper feature walls usually suit a smaller room, as they can look quite “busy”.

For a softer approach to feature walls, a print such as a small flowers in a pale colour such as duck egg blue and lilac will create a softer and more homely feature wall. For a vintage, on trend feature wall, choose a wallpaper print that has birds or flowers on. Birdcage prints are very on trend at the moment, mimicking Cath Kidston’s feature wallpapers at a fraction of the price.

No matter what style you decide for your feature wall, you can be sure it will create a dramatic focal point in your room. Buying accessories to tie into the feature wallpaper will bring your room together and create a unified room. Vintage accessories such as an old birdcage or rustic mirror will tie into a softer, vintage, homely style. Modern accessories like a spotlight lamp will create a modern, minimalistic feel if you are creating a cityscape feature wall.