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Spark imagination with children’s wallpaper

The joys of childhood combine so many elements, whether this is enthusiasm for exploring,  excitement of learning or fulfillment of fun and play. Here at I Want Wallpaper, we want to help you create a playful environment where your little ones can stimulate their cognitive and functional skills, while letting their imaginations grow and run wild.  Choosing wallpaper for your children’s bedroom needs careful consideration, as you will need a wall covering that inspires and motivates. Let your children get lost in a fantasy world with interesting imagery and bold vibrant colours, this will stimulate their minds and invoke imaginative play. Kids’ wallpaper designs are not only exciting,  they assist in helping your children role play, understand boundaries, purpose, action, reaction and stimulate the senses.  

How do children learn through creative play? 

Creative play is a vital part of childhood as it develops growth.  Creative and imaginative play helps children develop socially, intellectually, physically and emotionally. Exposing children to creative opportunities enhances social and emotional development by integrating feelings with tasks. Telling a story is a great way for children to express their feelings, this then helps them integrate into social settings and regulate their behaviour. Using creative storytelling wallpaper such as superhero comics or jungle animals, gives children the scope to think about characters and narratives, while providing them with the opportunity to explore and learn from the world around them. Integrating themed accessories such as lions, tigers, elephants and other animals can also contribute to encouraging play and social play.  

Why is social play important?

Children increase their social development when given the opportunity to interact or play with other children their age. Social play is structured, there are rules to follow, and incorporates elements of pretend or imagination. Whether it’s singing, dress-up, role play, dancing or other types of imaginative play,  it builds children’s social interaction skills. Social learning helps children acquire languages, learn about opportunity and risk, discover cause and effect and the functions of different objects. At I Want Wallpaper, we have developed designs that ignite creativity and inspire children to play, from getting lost in a fantasy fairy world, getting lost under the sea, or  floating in space. 

Why should you encourage pretend play?

Play allows children to express themselves and use their creativity to develop their imagination, dexterity (fine motor skills – performing tasks with hands), physical, emotional and cognitive strength. If you encourage your children to play, you are contributing to essential healthy brain development. When your child is in a pretend role, they are embodying another person or imaginative character, this is when they learn to take turns and collaborate, as well as develop their ability to empathise and understand other perspectives.  

How does role play help children learn? 

Roly play is a great way to develop your child’s problem solving skills. Acting out particular scenarios or story making through dramatic play provides great practice for coping with real life situations, which then enhances social-emotional growth. This can give children the skills they need to handle any problematic situations such as bullying when they progress through life. Role play also allows children to develop confidence in real life interactions or job roles by playing games such as teachers and pupils or doctors and nurses. 

How can a children’s environment affect their development?

Your children’s room is the place for exciting adventures, play experience and relaxing. Just like you, children need space away from parents, school or the overwhelming demands of everyday life.  Here at I Want Wallpaper, we have an array of designs and colours for every stage of development as we understand every child is unique and has a range of sensory and emotional needs. Colour and patterns have the ability to inspire and excite, and choosing the right decor for your child’s bedroom can help raise their self-esteem, happiness, confidence and a sense of belonging. Creating a room built on your child’s interests embeds the fact that their voice matters and starts to put together the building blocks that eventually make up their identity. Letting your children make choices towards the decorative elements of their bedrooms can also positively impact their personal growth, as they have the confidence their decisions are valued and supported as they learn more about their likes, dislikes, interests and character. 

Bedroom ideas to spark imagination and creativity in your child

  1. Create a den with your children for them to play in

Children love building dens, whether this is out in the garden under a tree or in the living room. Protect your sofa cushions by creating a fabric teepee or tent in their bedroom, this will provide them with endless hours of fun where they can create their own magical scenarios. 

  1. A play kitchen 

A play kitchen gives your children a sense of independence which, in turn, can improve their self-confidence. Children can undertake real kitchen roles from waitress to head chef, where they will learn to develop their leadership skills and how to interact with one another through cooperative play.

  1. A dressing up box 

No matter the size of the room, there is always space for a dressing up box. This lets your children use their imagination as they become their favourite character, superhero, princess or even animal. Roleplay games encourage interaction, communication, teamwork and an interest in others.

  1. Drawing and scribbling board

Having children, you will be familiar with the occasional scribble on freshly painted walls. Encouraging your children to experiment and write on a whiteboard (or paper) is important when it comes to developing fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include any specialist movement of the hands, wrists, and fingers. These are the skills, as an adult you use to type, drive and even text, and the holding and manipulating of writing pens is the best way to improve these skills. As well as improving fine motor skills, drawing helps establish concentration and hand-eye-coordination which are both fundamental as your child grows into a teenager for athletic, recreational and academic situations.

  1. Themed floor mat

Themed floor matts encourage imagination and provide endless amounts of fun – they are perfect for driving toy cars around roads, for example. The beauty of play mats is they can be easily rolled and held in storage when not in use. 

  1. A unique bed 

Be bold and daring with furniture, there are several contemporary beds that now incorporate play, whether this is a car design cabin bed, a treehouse-style bunk bed or a princess castle, all ready for adventure.

  1. A reading corner 

Reading and picture books are a vital part of your child’s development, so providing a space to take time out and practice is essential.  Reading books aloud to children develops and expands their imagination and their understanding of the world. Reading also helps develop language and listening skills, as well as vocabulary expansion, mental stimulation, analytical thinking and memory improvement.

 Redesigning your playful child’s bedroom may seem like a daunting task as there are so many points to consider in terms of style, theme and affordability.  Let us take the stress out of the project, with our vast selection of children’s wallpaper, children’s bedding and children’s wall art here at I Want Wallpaper. Help your children reach for the stars with space wallpaper,  earn their stripes with rainbow wallpaper or make a rawr with dinosaur wallpaper. Wherever your little explorer’s interests lie,  we have the tools to create a creative paradise to help them learn, grow, develop and thrive.