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Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas: How To Create A Space She Will Love

Decorating a bedroom for a teenage girl can be notoriously difficult. With ever-changing fashion and decor trends, what she’s head over heels in love with one month can be old news the next – and bad news for you if you’ve forked out a fortune to makeover her room!

The trick with teenage girl bedroom decor is to find the perfect blend of stylish and timeless: something ‘cool’ and modern that she’ll love but won’t get bored of a year down the line.

If you’re looking for bedroom ideas for teenage girls, we’ve got you covered. Here at I Want Wallpaper we’ve put together our top tips on creating a space that both of you will adore.


Choose a subtle base layer to keep it light and bright

She may want to go all out with a bold coloured wall, but we’d recommend keeping the base of the room subtle. A lighter coloured wall will ensure the room looks brighter and cleaner while creating the illusion of a larger room – great news if you’re looking to decorate a small bedroom!

This doesn’t necessarily mean colour is a no-go: muted versions of her favourite colours are a great compromise. If she loves pink, opt for a pale blush pink. If green is her thing, a light pastel or pale olive toned green gives her a subtle pop of colour while ensuring her room remains fresh, bright and contemporary.

Once you’re sorted with your subtle base wall shade, next you can…


Make a statement with a feature wall

Feature walls are absolutely perfect if you’re looking to inject some colour or pattern into a room without completely overpowering the space. They also are a great way of indulging in trends without the commitment of wallpapering the whole room. Example scenario: she wants a completely black, gothic room. Solution: a dark, sophisticated feature black wallpaper on one wall that brings a gothic elegance without being overwhelming. We love the P&S International GMK Feather Pattern Wallpaper for stylish gothic vibes.


If she’s looking for a girlier, more glamorous space, a dazzling feature wall of glitter wallpaper is ideal. The Rasch Valentina Scroll Damask Pattern Wallpaper with its stunning leaf glitter motif is great for injecting a touch of feminine style while keeping the remainder of the walls looking clean and bright.


Mix it up with fun bedding sets

Bedding is a fantastic way to quickly and easily mix up the style in a bedroom, bringing a whole new vibe with the simple change of a duvet cover or sheet – and no permanent decorating changes required! When it comes to teenage bedding sets, allow her to really make a statement and choose something that speaks to her.

Across the current bedding collection at I Want Wallpaper you can both browse a variety of styles she’s sure to adore, from dark purple and black bedding for a gothic elegance through to pug or elephant bedding for all the animal lovers out there.

  • Aztec Elephant Animal Design Duvet Set Quilt Cover


Stock up on soft furnishings

As with bedding, soft furnishing such as throws, cushions and rugs are absolutely perfect for bringing something new to a room without the commitment of changing the overall decor.

Cushions and throws in a particular are great for bringing depth and colour and creating somewhat of a haven in her bedroom. Stack a number of colourful cushions up on the bed and throw on a couple of cosy throws to create a sofa-like area where she can sit back and relax in style.


Maximise storage solutions

Finally, if you’re looking to completely overhaul your teenager’s bedroom with brand new furniture, keep an eye out for any options that double up as storage. Particularly if her bedroom is on the smaller side, multi-use furniture is an absolute godsend for both you and her, giving her a number of stylish storage solutions and you the peace of mind that her bedroom will be (mostly!) clean and tidy.

Beds with pull out drawers, bedside tables with storage and desks with built-in shelving are all ideal space-saving, practical solutions that will bring a touch of order to your teenager’s bedroom.



So, are you feeling inspired? If you’re on the lookout for more teenage girls wallpaper or teenage girls bedding ideas, look no further than the I Want Wallpaper collection. From jungle wallpapers and metallic wallpapers in our high-quality wallpapers collection through to animal print bedding and floral bedding options, you’re sure to discover the perfect pieces to help totally transform her bedroom.