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The Difference a Feature Wall Can Make to Your Home

Every room needs a focal point. Focal points lend a sense of unity and harmony to a space. Not only do they draw us in, they guide our gaze, meaning our eyes alight upon objects of interest in sequence, rather than at random.

Rooms lacking a focal point often appear cluttered and chaotic. Since we aren’t sure what it is we’re supposed to be looking at, even the most beautiful pieces tend to blend into the background.

One of the best ways to add focus and form to your design scheme is with an eye-catching feature wall. Read on and we’ll explain how you can set about transforming your living space…

Which wall should I chose?

When it comes to choosing a feature wall, there are no hard and fast rules. Consider the space you have available to you and how you use it. As a rule of thumb, feature walls are generally located opposite the entrance to a room – they tend to be the first thing you see as you enter any space.

If you’re lucky enough to have a working fireplace, think about adding additional impact by wallpapering the chimney breast or two adjacent enclaves. Alternatively, use pictures and framed wallpaper samples to create a gallery wall feature.

Paisley Motif

Thinking about colour and contrast

Your feature wall needs to stand out, so don’t be afraid to use colour and pattern. Bold, bright wallpapers work fantastically well when paired with neutral accents. This elegant damask motif wallpaper, for example, might be teamed with cream and off white hues, while this chic leaf motif paper would look fabulous alongside pale stone-coloured furnishings.

If you need extra guidance, take a quick look at a colour wheel. Contrasting colours are situated opposite one another, while complimentary colours can be found side by side. Use contrasting colours sparingly – in design terms, they should “pop” rather than overwhelm.

Consider making a design statement with mural wallpaper. This versatile map mural is guaranteed to brighten up any bedroom, study or sitting room.

Always accessorise

Use mirrors, paintings, ornaments and books to add interest to your featured area, and try to arrange your furniture with your feature wall in mind.

Designers recommend grouping objects of interest irregularly, so avoid even numbers and enjoy experimenting. Mixing the old with the new can really make a space sing. For instance, vintage posters in contemporary frames look fantastic, while bright, origami flowers can be arranged in antique tumblers.

You can create additional drama with cut flowers, house plants and cleverly positioned lamps.