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The Ultimate Guide To Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper can add an extra dimension to a room – an effect you can’t achieve with paint alone. There are lots of different types of textured wallpaper; you can make a statement with embossed wallpaper, go glitzy with glitter wallpaper, or keep it cosy and classic with a linen effect.

Wallpaper with texture is a great choice for a feature wall, and it’s a good way to add a touch of personality to your home decor. With this in mind, let’s take a look at everything you need to know about using textured wallpaper in your home.

Types Of Textured Wallpaper

From embossed to flocked and from crushed velvet to glitter, there are lots of different ways to incorporate textured wallpaper in your home, with different textures suitable for different rooms. 

1. Embossed Wallpaper

embossed brick wallpaper

Embossed wallpaper refers to any wallpaper that has a slightly raised pattern to provide added texture. This could be a brick effect, an embossed flower design, or even a stone effect for conservatory wallpaper with a difference.

The embossed wallpaper designs in our collection include:

2. Linen Effect Wallpaper

Linen effect wallpaper works well in any room; the fabric effect of this type of textured wallpaper can help to make a room feel extra cosy. Linen wallpaper works well with wooden flooring, providing a textured contrast. Bring linen effect wallpaper to your home with:

3. Flocked Wallpaper

Flocked wallpaper was originally created in the 17th century by adding flock – tiny particles of waste fibre from the cloth industry – to wallpaper to create an effect that looked like the velvet hangings that were popular at the time. 

flocked wallpaper

Today, flocked wallpaper describes any wallpaper created using this effect, and it can be a great way to add an extra touch of luxury and drama to a living room or bedroom. Some of our favourite flocked wallpapers include:

4. Crushed Velvet Wallpaper

Crushed velvet wallpaper is a bold choice, but it can add an extra element of cosiness and warmth to a room. Grey crushed velvet wallpaper is especially popular, and it can look great paired with a grey sofa and rug in a contrasting texture. If you’re interested in this type of textured wallpaper, check out these designs:

5. Glitter Wallpaper

pink glitter wallpaper

Glitter wallpaper can be an extremely glamorous choice. Try to avoid wall to wall sparkle and opt for a hint of glitter instead; it’s a great way to add extra texture to your home decor, and it can work really well in children’s bedrooms, or in a kitchen or dining room if you love to entertain.

Here are a few different ways to experiment with glitter wallpaper in your home:

How To Style Textured Wallpaper

You may need to experiment to find the best way to style your textured wallpaper. Teaming a linen or velvet wallpaper with a heavy carpet runs the risk of making a space feel smaller, so it’s important to think about what you’re pairing your textured wallpaper with. Here are some top tips for accessorising textured wallpaper:

  • Use contrasting textures and patterns, but be careful not to overdo it. For example, linen wallpaper might look too much paired with linen curtains; instead, team your linen wallpaper with wooden flooring and a woven rug to create the illusion of extra space and depth in the room. Similarly, if you’re going for a velvet wallpaper, accessorise it with harder textures to create contrast
  • Emphasise the embossed effect of your wallpaper with accessories in that colour or design; for instance, if there’s glitter in your wallpaper, go for glitter vases or sequin cushions
  • If you’re going for a multi-coloured textured wallpaper, pick out one colour for the rest of your accessories, and tie in vases, ornaments, and even your soft furnishings
  • Use textured wallpaper on a feature wall or on two adjacent walls rather than in a whole room to prevent it feeling too claustrophobic 
  • Let the wallpaper do the talking – use textured wallpaper on a feature wall to make a statement, and don’t cover it in photos or prints
  • If you want a textured wallpaper that won’t date, go for a subtle design in a neutral colour, like a linen effect wallpaper

How To Decorate Over Textured Wallpaper

damask wallpaper

Whatever type of wallpaper you go for, you may change your mind over your chosen design in the future. You can of course strip your wallpaper and go for plaster, paint, or a new wallpaper design, but you can try to decorate over your textured wallpaper too.

Can You Paint Over Textured Wallpaper?

If you’re painting over textured wallpaper, there is of course a risk that the pattern will come through the paint. However, if you really want to avoid removing your wallpaper, you can  paint over it by following these steps:

  • Apply a thin coat of joint compound (known as spackle) to the paper and leave it to dry
  • Sand the wallpaper to create a smooth surface ready for painting
  • Before you start painting over textured wallpaper, make sure the surface is clean to prevent any dirt or grease spoiling your finished effect
  • Then, apply a coat of primer and leave to dry thoroughly – this may take up to 24 hours
  • Next, apply your first coat of paint – you’ll most likely need at least two coats, possibly more, depending on the colour and design of your textured wallpaper

Can You Wallpaper Over Textured Wallpaper?

You can try to apply spackle to textured wallpaper to create a smoother surface before you paper over it, but it’s probably best to strip the wallpaper fully to prevent uneven lumps and bumps. What’s more, if you’re applying spackle to wallpaper, and then papering over the top of it, you’ll only be leaving yourself with extra layers to remove in the future.

Experiment With Wallpaper Finishes

Think about where you can use textured wallpaper in your home to add an extra dimension to your decor. The textured wallpaper collection at I Want Wallpaper includes embossed, crushed velvet, blown vinyl, non-woven, paper, and heavyweight vinyl wallpapers, so there’s something for every home.

Shop our full collection of textured wallpaper here, or contact us if you have any questions about any of our designs.