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Top 5 Alternatives to the Traditional Christmas Tree

When it comes to Christmas, we all do things differently. Individual families develop their own unique traditions. So, whether this is your first time hosting and you’re keen to make a great impression, limited in terms of space and budget, or you just fancy throwing something new and interesting into the mix, why not rethink the way you decorate your home this Christmas?

Remember, though the Christmas tree is a festive icon, it doesn’t have to be green and draped in tinsel to make an impact!

Alternative Tree Ideas

  1. Ladders

All you need for this one is a bog standard decorating ladder, a handful of Christmas decorations and a few strings of fairy lights. Simply erect your ladder and decorate as usual, balancing additional trinkets on the struts of the ladder. (Top tip: antique ladders look particularly eye-catching.)

  1. Christmas Tree Mobile

To create a stunning Christmas tree mobile, secure a bunch of branches, holly and mistletoe with twine. Suspend from the ceiling and add hanging decorations, such as delicate, blown-glass baubles and miniature stars.

  1. Book Tree

Gather together three or four dozen hardbacks and form a Christmas tree-shaped pile. Decorate with twinkling fairy lights and top with a gold star.

  1. Christmas Card Tree

If, every December, you’re bombarded with Christmas cards, this could be the tree for you. Simply stick your favourite cards to your sitting room wall in the shape of a Christmas tree. Simple!

  1. Paper, Cardboard and Wrought Iron Trees

When it comes to creating a beautiful alternative Christmas tree, you don’t have to start from scratch. High street stores and design boutiques all stock a range of paper, cardboard and wrought iron trees each year. Just pick your favourite and decorate as usual.