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Top Interior Design Colours for 2017

As enthusiastically hopeful trendsetters ourselves, we know how important it is to keep ahead of the latest fashion. If you’re thinking about how to decorate your home, but aren’t sure what colour scheme to go for, we should be able to help. Here, we’ve put together a set of (well-researched) predictions for upcoming interior design colour schemes in 2017. There’s a real mixed bag here and we’ve even thrown in some ideas for complementing colors with furniture to really help you with your ‘how to decorate’ problem. So, take a... Read More


Geometric Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration for decorating with geometric wallpaper in your home then you have definitely came to the right place. Here at I Want Wallpaper we stock thousands of wallpapers in a plethora of styles and hundreds of these are made up of super stylish geometric prints, patterns and designs. Geometric designs are typically made up of repeated lines or shapes, which leaves a huge scope for ideas when looking to buy geometric wallpaper for your home. So, without further ado, here are some of our... Read More


Ideas For Decorating Your Home With Wood Wallpaper

Faux wood wallpaper has become hugely popular here at I Want Wallpaper as our customers look at add some natural, rustic charm to their home, and to be honest, we don’t blame them! Advancements in printing technologies now mean that wallpaper brands can create ultra lifelike wood designs with vibrant colours and textured surfaces that are so realistic they can fool almost anybody and the result is the hundreds of amazing wood effect wallpapers that you can see in our online store. We love this style of faux wallpaper and... Read More


Five Sensational Striped Wallpapers

Striped wallpaper is a timeless style; they’ll keep looking great for years to come and rarely go out of style which is why they are always so popular with customer here at I Want Wallpaper. What you may not know though, is that striped wallpapers can also work wonders in adding some extra height or length to a room – the illusion of it anyway. Most striped wallpapers can be hung either horizontally or vertically; hang your paper horizontally and it elongates a wall or hang it vertically to make... Read More


Most Common Colour Mistakes When Decorating

Decorating our home in colour can be either super fun, or super stressful. We want to make it an exciting experience for everyone and to do so, we want to help you to not make any mistakes. Because white is ‘just white’, right? #1 | White is not ‘just white’ and cream is not ‘just cream’. Each of your stereotypical colours is broken down into warm tones, cool tones, neutral tones and they can have different effects on a room. If you’re painting, paint a large surface area on each... Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Loft Conversion

For a DIY novice, converting an unused loft might sound like a great idea in your head, but you may be put off by the practicalities of such a large project. I know I was. Knowing where to start is one of the biggest worries that many people have; with so many things to consider it is difficult to know for sure. So, having just been through this whole process myself, I thought I’d put down some of the things I learned in order to help any of the IWW... Read More


Only Fools & Horses Inspired Wallpaper

Only Fools and Horses is pretty much synonymous with British Christmas television, having notched up no less than nine Christmas specials since its launch in 1981. While there may not be a festive offering from Del Boy, Rodney and Co in 2015, we can no doubt expect to see their faces on our screens at some point in the coming weeks. The sitcom is renowned for the hilarious adventures of the Trotter brothers, who live in their Peckham flat with their elderly Grandad and later on, Uncle Albert. Over the... Read More


Downton Abbey Inspired Wallpapers

When the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey came to an end the other week, it got us thinking about the grandiose Edwardian interiors which we have seen in the show’s eponymous Yorkshire country estate over the years. Now, we are well aware that we’ll never have a home that is quite as impressive as Downton Abbey to call our own, but there is no harm in dreaming. Plus, with a little innovation and the right wallpaper the possibilities of interior decoration are endless. So in order to try... Read More


Five Timeless Traditional Wallpapers for Your Home

You can’t go wrong with traditional wallpapers, these styles have passed the test of time and can be found in homes up and down the country – if not the world. But what counts as a traditional wallpaper? It is hard to give a full definition of what one should look like, rather we have to define them as styles which have been hugely popular for decades and have therefore embedded themselves in our home décor traditions. Obviously this is casting the net out far, so what kind of wallpapers... Read More


How To Create an Effective Theme Within Your Home Interior

Adding a theme to your home interior can be a great way to personalise your home to match your hobbies, interests or simply just your design tastes. Themes allow you to create a consistency in decoration and more often than not help to tie everything together as one. Below, we have racked our brains and put together all the hints, tips and advice that we can think of to help you, our lovely customers, create a effective theme in your own home. If you are starting to decorate your home... Read More