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All You Need To Know About Feature Walls

What is a feature wall? The term feature wall refers to one wall in a room which is decorated differently to the others in order to help it stand out from the rest of the interior. Feature walls can be anything from one plain different coloured wall to one wall which has intricate or eye-catching patterns while the others are plain. Doing this allows you to create a focal point in a room and change things up from plain or repetitive typical home décor. Since only one wall needs decorated... Read More


How To Hang Pre-pasted Wallpaper

Pre-pasted or self adhesive wallpaper, where each roll is coated with a pre-applied paste, is a great way to cut down on mess when decorating. You’ll probably be happy to know that hanging it isn’t that difficult either, all it takes is a little time to get to grips with it and then you’ll have amazing looking walls before you know it! Before you start Prior to beginning your decorating you’ll need the following essentials: Your pre-pasted wallpaper Scissors Water (water tray filled 2/3 full, with room temperature water) Sponge... Read More


Top Tips for Stripping Wallpaper

We are not going to lie to you – removing wallpaper can be, and usually is, a bit of a pain. But chances are, you know that, and that is why you’re probably reading this right now, looking for ways to simplify this often-hated task. Well, help is here, as we’ve taken it upon ourselves to note down some of our most handy hints and tips for removing wallpaper so that your redecoration project can go just that little bit smoother. Good luck! Preparation is key when removing wallpaper. Never... Read More


How To Use Lining Paper

When redecorating, we may often find some walls that simply aren’t ideal for wallpapering or painting, whether it is an uneven surface or just a poorly constructed wall, lining paper can be a solution to your problem. So in what type of situation would you use lining paper? Commonly it’s used to smooth out a wall and cover any imperfections such as hairline cracks to enable you to get a flat finish ready for wallpapering, but there are several other reasons to line a wall. It can also be used... Read More


Wallpapering Your Ceiling: Is It As Hard As It Sounds?

When you think of wallpapering, your mind naturally gravitates towards wallpapering, well, walls. But if your ceiling has hairline cracks that you want to cover up, or you are looking for a room refresh, perhaps wallpapering for a more decorative (or simple!) effect may be for you. As long as your ceiling is flat and smooth, it should be pretty straightforward – but if you are working with slopes and different shaped ceilings, it could be slightly tricky and you may want to seek assistance if you do not have... Read More


Five Brick Wallpapers That Add Simple Beauty

For months now brick effect wallpaper has been one of the hottest interior decorating trends, and it certainly shows no sign of stopping soon. With all the beautiful rustic charm of stripped down brick walls, but with none of the hassle, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to move away from the traditional wallpaper look in their home. Our brick wallpaper department is currently full to the brim with amazing, high quality wallpapers which can be used anywhere in the home. So, we thought we’d take a closer... Read More


Most Common Colour Mistakes When Decorating

Decorating our home in colour can be either super fun, or super stressful. We want to make it an exciting experience for everyone and to do so, we want to help you to not make any mistakes. Because white is ‘just white’, right? #1 | White is not ‘just white’ and cream is not ‘just cream’. Each of your stereotypical colours is broken down into warm tones, cool tones, neutral tones and they can have different effects on a room. If you’re painting, paint a large surface area on each... Read More


Five Glorious Ways to Go Green

As April approaches, we’ll soon be noticing little green shoots popping out of the ground all around us and if you are looking to brighten up your home then these can provide the perfect inspiration. Green is undoubtedly an amazing, natural colour reflecting the emergence of new life which we can see happening right before our eyes. So, here we bring you our five favourite gloriously green wallpapers featuring a varied selection of styles. 1) 3 Colour Stripes by Direct Wallpapers A new design from Direct Wallpapers, this trio of... Read More


A Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Loft Conversion

For a DIY novice, converting an unused loft might sound like a great idea in your head, but you may be put off by the practicalities of such a large project. I know I was. Knowing where to start is one of the biggest worries that many people have; with so many things to consider it is difficult to know for sure. So, having just been through this whole process myself, I thought I’d put down some of the things I learned in order to help any of the IWW... Read More


How to Hang Christmas Decorations Without Damaging Your Walls or Ceiling

It’s almost that time of year when we get the decorations out of the loft and start preparing to turn our humble abodes into Christmas wonderlands. It’s always a magical occasion, especially for those of us with kids, and it definitely works in getting everyone excited for the big day. If you have just been doing some DIY in your home, though, you may be a bit hesitant to stick decorations to that lovely new wallpaper you have just splashed out on, and rightly so! Avoiding tape and nails We’ve... Read More