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Creating a Superhero Bedroom

With Marvel’s ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ freshly released and gracing cinema screens across the UK, the superhero hype is bigger than ever – and it’s not going away anytime soon.

At I Want Wallpaper, we stock a spectacular range of superhero wallpaper to complete the bedroom of caped crusaders from a range of ages, whether you want to complement a bedspread or bring out a pair of curtains, read on below for our fantastic selection of themed ideas!

Pick Your Paint-based Sidekick

Every bedroom design starts with the basics; so let’s decide which colour theme you’re going with.

Whoever their favourite hero, pairing up your themed wallpaper with a corresponding paint colour can really make your room pop. From Hulk green to a Daredevil red – there’s tons of options to explore!

If you’re going with an Avengers wall mural, why not split your walls into different colour palettes? This will offer totally different dimensions to your design and really make your space stand out!

Create a Superhero Cityscape

What better way to set off your Batman wallpaper or wall mural than with the iconic skyline of Gotham City? Or mix your Superman wallpaper with the architecture of Metropolis?

Mark out your design with masking tape, bring out the paint brushes and get creative!

Add a New Feature in a Flash

Framing a superhero toy or your favourite Lego characters in a shadow box is a simple (and cheap) way to create a standout feature on your walls, perfectly complementing your favourite Flash wallpaper.

Pick up a cheap frame in a colour of your choice and apply the toy to the frame backing with adhesive tape or similar; this way you can easily remove the feature if needs be without harming your prized possessions.

For added impact, alternate the colour of the frames background to enhance your colour scheme even more.

Upcycle in Style

Unwanted comics or themed vinyl wraps are a fantastic way to upcycle old furniture. You can even use fabrics and prints to breathe new life into a tired old wardrobe or dusty set of drawers, the only limit is your own creativity!

Pick a selection of characters or focus on one theme that will help add the finishing touches to your superhero wallpaper.

Bring Out the Paint Brush

Sometimes the greatest ideas are your own, so why not get creative while completing a room fit for any budding superhero?

Simple paint designs such as a telephone box on a wardrobe door are not only practical – they also add to playtime. Your mini Superman or Supergirl will be spinning out of their homemade phone box in style, and better still, you’ll effortlessly tie in your Superman wallpaper!

Make Practical Fixtures Playful

Give the room’s practical features some extra POW!  Using nothing but old comic book pages, prints and craft glue, you can turn a drab old light switch or lamp shade into something special.

Simply use any unwanted comic pages or head down to the nearest car boot sale and pick some up for pennies, you’ll be amazed what you can transform!

Bed Sheets and Cushions

The final touches to your superhero themed room are often the most important.

Finding the perfect bed sheets or carefully picking your scatter cushions can ultimately top off all of your hard work and make a good design great. Searching buy and sell sites can be a good means of finding superhero themed accessories without the high street price tags.

As children grow up or their tastes change, you’ll often find their old and unwanted belongings for bargain prices – there’s some fantastic finds to be had!

For further ideas and inspiration, check out our range of wallpaper, murals and wall art at I Want Wallpaper.

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