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Black’s Making a Comeback: How to style black wallpaper

Black Wallpaper is the ultimate bold move to make whilst decorating, taking the plunge to go to the ‘dark side’ can be daunting. But luckily, here at I Want Wallpaper we have just the blog to reassure you that black wallpaper is right on-trend and doesn’t have to be something to avoid. 

Black wallpaper is a timeless classic, allowing you furnish your rooms without any colour restrictions and encouraging you to unleash your creative flair. 

With a rise in modern houses, which tend to favour an open plan layout, black wallpaper is the perfect asset to set off those floor to ceiling windows. Letting your statement wall do all of the work, black wallpaper is guaranteed to change your interiors for the better. Not only is black wallpaper super stylish but is also extremely practical, perfect for a room with high traffic so those little blemishes don’t show up!

Make a statement with black wallpaper

Black wallpaper

Black is a colour which, inevitably, will attract a lot of attention in your home. So why not make a statement out of it? Don’t be afraid to go bold and stand out from the crowd to ensure you get the maximum impact out of your black wallpaper. Here at I Want Wallpaper, we offer a diverse range of black wallpaper, from the heavily patterned to the understated classics, going that extra mile to make sure that black doesn’t have to mean boring. 

Floral wallpaper is the ideal ‘statement’ wallpaper and complements a black background perfectly. Keeping it elite, our black wallpaper range provides an array of choice to make sure that whatever you choose, it’s unique to you.  Feature walls are an excellent way to showcase your newly purchased wallpaper; providing a sense of style whilst also allowing you to accessorise the wall with attributes such as a flat screen TV or ornate mirrors. 


Embrace those black wallpaper vintage vibes

Vintage black wallpaper

Black wallpaper is making a comeback. After its super popular spell during the 1970s, black wallpaper is reappearing in interior design, much bigger and better than before. Pairing your black wallpaper with 70s inspired decor is a great way to incorporate the new with the old, staying ahead of trend whilst allowing you to utilise your existing furniture. 

Complement your newly adorned walls with textured furniture, creating an eclectic vibe that puts a modern slant on your vintage inspired room. Don’t forget, vintage doesn’t have to be associated with memories of your grandparents’ house! Vintage is back in fashion and really is teaching us how to reuse our existing furniture in different settings rather than buying new.   

Make dark feel light with black wallpaper

Black and white wallpaper

Just because you’re styling your home with dark wallpaper, doesn’t have to mean that all light has to be drained from a room. Using a black based wallpaper embellished with different colours is an ideal way to lift a room, making sure that it doesn’t become dark and gloomy. Currently, black and white wallpaper is at the forefront of interior trends. Bringing those Great Gatsby vibes to any room, the classic base colours when combined are a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s a classic stripe or the more daring animal print, incorporating different colours is a great way to lift the darkness that black can often bring to a room. 

Running with the Gatsby feel, eccentric light fittings are a key feature in any room but also ensure that there is a source of light. Chandeliers and glass fittings are ideal when accessorised besides black wallpaper, allowing their transparency to further illuminate the room as well as providing the illusion of more space.

Accessorise up your life with black wallpaper

Black wallpaper

Accessorising a room with black wallpaper is essential in creating a modest yet impactful room. One of the best things about our black wallpaper here at I Want Wallpaper is that anything goes. And we’re not talking about the musical here, no, by anything goes we mean that black wallpaper is totally unrestrictive. Allowing you to have unlimited choice, black wallpaper is a great way to add a splash of sophistication to a heavily accessorised room. 

Accessorising your room with ornaments, plants and mirrors are a great way to bring about that 1920s finesse. Nonetheless, if you have a room with so many colours and patterns that you don’t know whether you’re coming or going, worry not as black wallpaper is a staple piece to complement those mixture of colours. 

To see our extensive range of black wallpaper, feel free to browse the website! We guarantee that there’s something out there for everyone.