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Red wallpaper designs to use in your home

Luxurious, warm, and inviting – the ambiance that red interior décor invokes is nothing short of spectacular. Red is such a versatile colour, and pairs excellently with so many other colours – you’d be hard pressed to find a room in your home where you can’t use it!

Colour psychology has taught us that red can be interpreted many ways. Red shades tend to make us feel energised, excited, powerful, passionate, and bold. Deeper shades bring a different feel than a brighter shade would, so the choices really are endless when you’re looking to rejuvenate your living space with this rich colour.

Our experts have shared their top design tips for using red wallpaper throughout your home, so if you’re ready to overhaul and breathe fresh life into your living spaces, read on.

Red wallpaper for the living room

Red wallpaper in the living room makes for a vibrant ambiance

The central point of the home, your living room doesn’t need a complete overhaul when looking to update your colour scheme and incorporate red.

The beauty of red wallpaper in a living room is the adaptability it offers. If your overall colour scheme is neutral, introducing shades of red through a botanical glitter leaf design or this floral leaf motif provides you with an expanded colour palette to work from. You can even choose to add a feature wall with accents in various shades and build out your colour scheme from there.

Brick wallpaper is another lovely way to bring warmer shades into your lounge. This look works particularly well on a single feature wall or applied throughout a room and lends a welcoming rustic feel. The beauty of brick wallpaper is the ability to add multiple shades of red to enhance the look even further, whether through accessories or furniture.

Red wallpaper for the kitchen

Red brick wallpaper in the kitchen is a great way to add red to your room

There’s a reason so many restaurants use shades of red. Looking at the positive psychology qualities of red, this shade sparks appetite and it attracts attention. Pairing red with other positive colours can transform your kitchen entirely, and ultimately make it a more memorable and enjoyable space.

This geometric design tile pattern wallpaper will modernise your kitchen, whether you use it on a small piece of the wall or throughout the entire space. Be sure to look for vinyl finishes when wallpapering your kitchen to make for easier clean ups in an intrinsically messy space.

Red wallpaper for the bedroom

Deeper red wallpaper is perfect for the befroom

Red also incites a romantic and relaxed ambiance – perfect for the boudoir. This is also the ideal space to use deeper shades – like crimson and maroon. These deeper red hues are more calming, while brighter colours bring an energetic feeling to the room and might not be ideal for a space intended for rest and relaxation.

Texture also adds to the dynamic of red wallpapers, and the bedroom is the ideal place to experiment with this. Crushed velvet wallpaper in warm shades or perhaps even a flock wallpaper will make the space even more magical and can help to hide uneven surfaces on the wall.

When you’re working with bold shades, it’s important not to overdo it when adding other hues into the mix. If your room already has a few colours, try using a muted shade of red on a feature wall to incorporate it into your décor without bombarding the room with too many colours.

Red wallpaper as a feature wall

A gorgeous red wallpaper feature wall

If you’re prone to a less dramatic room renovation, a feature wall is the simplest way to incorporate red into your colour scheme. If you mirror the colour through accessories, or use complimentary shades in furnishings, a red wall needs not be an overly bold statement.

This tree pattern wallpaper is a great example of a muted red shade that can be used on a feature wall in any room, and this wooden panel faux effect wallpaper will add a country-feel to your room without drawing too much attention.

Accessories to highlight red wallpaper

Highlight your red wallpaper designs with accessories in the same shade or use complimentary colours for an energetic and eclectic vibe. Yellow and mustard both work particularly well with red to bring energy and positivity to a room – not to mention the modern aesthetic it provides.

This exciting colour can easily be incorporated into your home, in any room and in any style. All you need to do is find the right wallpaper to bring your own aesthetic to life. Get in touch with us today to order your sample!