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Five Best Brick Wallpapers

Brick-effect wallpaper is one of the hottest interior decorating trends used by experienced designers across the field for its universal appeal. With the rustic charm and raw beauty of stripped down brick walls, brick wallpaper is an effective and efficient choice for anyone looking to move away from traditional home decor and towards versatile industrial style. In other words, bringing the outside indoors.

There’s huge variety in this booming interior design trend today and our brick wallpaper range is filled with stunning, high-quality wallpapers for you to hang anywhere in your home. So, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of our most popular brick wallpaper designs and share them here to help you make your ideal choice.


  1. Stone Wall Slate Brick-Effect Wallpaper by Grandeco

This slate brick-effect wallpaper from Grandeco definitely sits at the luxurious end of the industrial wallpaper trend for us. We can see it working beautifully as a feature wall, complemented by sleek black sofas and chairs with alternating jet-black walls. To reflect light and add shimmer, why not decorate with hints of gold — like ornaments and photoframes — to emphasise the dark elegance and help bounce sunlight without trading off on your dark theme? Amazingly realistic, this high-resolution brick-effect wallpaper is a great choice for anyone wanting to add sultry dark luxury with an industrial twist to a room.


Grandeco Slate Brick Wallpaper


  1. Painted Brick Stone Wall Brick-Effect Wallpaper by Muriva

If you want to create a more airy and bright environment, try a lighter design. This painted brick wallpaper from Muriva gives you a rich, creamy tone brought to life by the rough brick detailing. Cosy and rustic, we reckon this has a true down-to-earth appeal that hangs wonderfully in kitchens, conservatories, and anywhere you want to create a homey atmosphere to welcome guests and relax with family.

Muriva Painted Brick Wallpaper


  1. Bluff Wood Blocks Brick Wallpaper by Muriva

While this brick wallpaper doesn’t feature brickstone images, what we love about it is that’s it’s wood blocks stacked up in a brickwork pattern — so it counts! This Muriva wood blocks brick-effect wallpaper has such a high-quality print, that you can instantly pick out the intricate detailing of each wood grain, adding to the realism and power of the design. Subtle but effective, you can hang this design anywhere. Try it in the living room and create a luxurious brown/cream colour palette with your furniture, ornaments and furnishing choices. Potted plants add to the nature aesthetic of the piece, so why not create a feature wall and use it as a backdrop for exotic flowers and shrubs?

 Muriva Wood Block Brick Wallpaper


  1. White-Washed Painted Brick Wallpaper by Arthouse

This white-wash brick-effect wallpaper from Arthouse is part of the brand’s incredible VIP selection — and for good reason. Exuding a grungy, retro appeal; patterns like this one are right on trend and effortlessly give your home a cool, contemporary, laid-back look that’s hard to master.

Hang this Arthouse brick wallpaper in dens and offices. Or, if you really want to get the most out of it, use it as a feature wall and complement the design with dark wood flooring and white alternating walls. This home decor strategy reflects all the available sun and artificial light in the room, so it’s excellent if you have a space that needs brightening up without having to add expensive new lighting fixtures.

Arthouse White-Wash Brick Wallpaper


  1. Red Brick Wallpaper by Muriva

At number one, we can’t stop loving this traditional red brick-effect wallpaper from Muriva. The embossed finish and textured grouting makes it hard to tell apart form a true brick wall, while the warm tones of red and orange instantly give us a cosy and relaxed feeling which is what most of us are going for when we’re thinking of redecorating.

Instead of opting for the perfect brick pattern that you get with freshly-built walls, we think the slightly dishevelled and discoloured aesthetic gives this brick wallpaper an authentic appeal that adds character to any room. Plus, it’s a neutral piece that you can match with a huge range of colour palettes, which makes getting the ideal complementary furniture and fittings quick and simple!

Muriva Red Brick Wallpaper


Check out more brick wallpapers before you choose your favourite, or browse other faux-effect designs including wood, stone and concrete.