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Fantastic Autumn Wallpaper Ideas and Advice

Here at I Want Wallpaper we love autumn!

Autumn is all about colour, with trees covered in an array of differing shades. From greens, to browns and everywhere in between there is sure to be a colour that you will love.

Direct Striped Wallpaper

Whilst leaves are turning brown there is still green to be found. The contrast between green and brown gives you the chance to make use of both colours equally.

We love modern lines, so to showcase these two colours perfectly why not try out our Direct Stripe 3 Colour Striped Motif Textured Designer Vinyl Wallpaper by Direct Wallpapers? It features 3 chunky vertical stripes of colour running along the paper, lightly textured, with the 3 stripes featuring colours that complement each other superbly. Accessorise with cushions adorned with leaf print.


PS International Mosaic Wallpaper

Yellow is another colour that we see at this time of year. Not only is it vibrant, but also yellow links to many other bright colours found at autumn time, such as orange.


Direct Striped Wallpaper

We have to include a colour that reminds us not of tress, but pumpkins and bonfires and Halloween – all of which are autumnal events. For those of you who love orange but are not sure on how much you want to us in a room, then this wallpaper may just be your thing. It effectively pairs orange with paler colours to give your room a nice glow.


Muriva Madison Rose Wallpaper

Red is in the trees in the form of leaves that are transitioning from green, adding a warm feel to the outdoors. When we think Red we think roses, which is exactly what the designers of this magical Muriva Madison Rose paper thought. This beautiful photographic print wallpaper features large roses, accentuated to create a diagonal pattern of deeper-coloured flowers. A very modern take on a floral theme.

Direct Striped Wallpaper
As the leaves fall from the trees and die there is an abundance of rich brown shades on the floor. Brown also can be found in fallen acorns, pinecones and tree bark. This Erismann Chloe Floral Leaf Motif Textured Blown Vinyl Wallpaper illustrates how various brown tones work perfectly together, with strong autumnal colours on a rich textured background.