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Minimal and Clean: Fresh Design Ideas for Autumn

Minimal is back

Next season, minimal design is set to fly. We’re talking clean lines, uncluttered spaces, block colour and timeless, contemporary furniture.

When it comes to wallpaper, minimal doesn’t necessarily mean plain. Take this Graham & Brown contour wallpaper, for example. It’s bold. Yet team it with sleek, monochrome furnishings and dramatic houseplants and you’ve got yourself a grownup minimal scheme.

Don’t add, subtract

The most effective minimal schemes feature just a handful of key, complementary pieces.

If you’re tired of your cluttered sitting room or blowsy bedroom, take the time to consider each piece of furniture present, and ask yourself: “What purpose does this really serve? Do I use it? Do I like it? Or is it just gathering dust?”

Be ruthless! Get rid of anything you don’t like. (Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, so consider selling any unwanted odds and ends on ebay. You could even put the money raised towards your minimal revamp.)

Secret storage

Nothing messes up a minimal scheme like clutter. Yet clutter is the stuff of life!

Consider installing secret storage to conceal your clutter. Today, desks, electrical appliances and children’s toys can all be stashed away out of sight. Paint or wallpaper storage units to establish a sense of unity and calm.

Graham Brown Contour Groovy Wallpaper

Don’t be scared to use colour

Just as minimal doesn’t mean plain, it doesn’t mean neutral either. While the majority of minimal schemes make great use of white and black paints and wallpapers, bold accent colours and patterns are also used to bring spaces to life.

Chose furnishings wisely

Chic, practical furnishings finish a minimal scheme. Select complementary pieces rather than matching suites for a fabulous, high end look.