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5 Fantastic Slate Wallpapers to Freshen Up Your Home

There are many things that can be said about slate, its durable, versatile and above all else looks fantastic!


With an array of different shades and colours, along with its fine grain, slate has been used for centuries as a roofing tile. Today it is used on lawns, floors and walls.


Slate is popping up everywhere with more and more homeowners discovering different uses for the attractive stone.




Slate became a roofing material when it was discovered that it broke cleanly in to thin sheets, and was also very easy to stack. Slate is heavy but it is fire resistant, waterproof and durable enough to withstand Mother Nature herself.


Soon slate was used inside houses; especially in much used areas like hallways etc.




Black, grey and multi-coloured are the most common but slate today is available in a wide variety of colours and hues.


We love slate that much we have 54 different products tagged as slate on our fantastic site, all offering something a little but different.


Here are a few of our favourites from the range!



  1. Erismann Brix Slate Brick Effect Wallpaper

Erisman Brix Slate Wallpaper

Erismann’s Brix collection is a stunning range of brick, stone and wood effect blown vinyl wallpapers; extremely high quality, ultra-realistic and some of the best on the market. The three Brix slate brick effect wallpapers feature slim layers of slate in subtle, authentic shades, embossed in blown vinyl and with a realistic slate tile texture, they can be used to create a stunning feature wall statement in the home or have a wide range of commercial possibilities in bars, restaurants etc.

  1. 1 Wall Slate Giant Wallpaper Mural

1 Wall Slate Mural

A stunning giant wallpaper mural by 1 Wall with a high quality ultra-realistic charcoal slate stone effect; this will create a major statement and talking point in any room. Measuring 3.15m wide and 2.32m in height, the wallpaper mural consists of 4 easy-to-hang wallpaper pieces which can be trimmed to adapt to your wall.


A simple, yet highly effective way of making a big impact, whether in the home or in commercial properties such as bars, restaurants and offices.



  1. Muriva Bluff Slate Stone Brick Effect Wallpaper

Muriva Bluff Slate Wallpaper

Muriva’s Bluff designs bring a trompe l’oeil effect to your walls in a range of ultra-realistic stone, brick and wood effect wallpapers.


Slate is a textured vinyl paper with an extremely high quality print to create the illusion of slate stone bricks on your wall.


This would make a stunning statement in any modern room, or has a wide range of commercial applications in bars, restaurants etc.



  1. A.S. Creation Wood N Stone Rural Slate Natural Stone Photo Wallpaper

AS Creation Slate Wallpaper

New from the designers at AS Creation comes this fantastically realistic Rural Slate wallpaper, part of their Wood N Stone collection. This wallpaper is a high quality mural style wallpaper, with an embossed finish to recreate the bumps and textures of a slate stone wall.

The stylish Rural Slate wallpaper from AS Creation is ideal for a feature wall, or to run throughout a room



  1. Muriva Bluff Slate Pattern Faux Effect Stone Embossed Wallpaper

Muriva Bluff Slate Wallpaper

New from Muriva’s Bluff collection comes this fantastic Slate pattern wallpaper. Featuring a faux effect slate pattern of vertical stripes, embossed to recreate the stone texture


This superb faux effect Slate wallpaper from Muriva is ideal for a feature wall, or running throughout a room.