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8 Statement Wallpapers to Transform Your Home in 2022

Statement wallpaper can transform a home. Vibrant colours, bold patterns, and striking designs can create an eye-catching feature in any room, bringing a touch of personality to your home decor.

A statement wallpaper can create a real talking point; with so many wallpaper designs to choose from, including geometric wallpaper, tropical wallpaper and brick effect wallpaper, here are some of our favourites for updating your home for 2022 and beyond.

1. Marble Wallpaper

marble wallpaper in blue and gold

Marble wallpaper can bring a classical feel to your home decor, with its neutral colours and timeless effect. A classic white and grey marble can bring a grand feel to an entrance hallway to create a wonderful first impression for any guests to your home.

More subtle than many other wallpaper patterns, marble wallpaper provides an almost neutral background, which would work well to frame kitchen cupboards or a bookcase. The neutral tones of classic marble are easy to accessorise with all types of wood, making it easy to pair marble wallpaper with your existing furniture.

Bring marble wallpaper to your home with:

2. Geometric Wallpaper

geometric wallpaper in kitchen

Geometric wallpaper can be a great option for a feature wall to add a pop of colour to a neutral-coloured room. Geometric wallpapers take many different forms; some have a vintage feel (art deco-style geometric designs are especially popular), while others are more abstract and on-trend. Many prefer a more timeless geometric pattern, as they know it won’t date too quickly.

When it comes to choosing a geometric wallpaper, think about how busy the pattern is, as that will determine how easy it is on the eye. You should also consider how it will look with your existing furniture and soft furnishings – this type of statement wallpaper will most likely work best with minimal, neutral or block colour cushions, throws and other accessories.

Here are three different ways to use geometric wallpaper in your home decor:

3. Striped Wallpaper

black and white striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper can make a real statement in a room. Stripes that are positioned close together aren’t always the easiest on the eye, so you need to think about the spacing of a striped wallpaper before investing.

Bold monochrome stripes can make a real impact in a room and can look wonderfully dramatic accessorised with furniture or framed prints in bright block colours. Striped wallpaper can look incredibly smart behind a headboard in a master bedroom too – opt for traditional blue and white stripes for a bedtime-inspired look.

If you’re unsure about stripes creating rigid lines in a room, think about going for a wallpaper with softer stripes that are more reminiscent of brushstrokes for a more informal, relaxed feel instead.

Our favourite striped statement wallpapers include:

4. Floral Wallpaper

dark floral wallpaper behind armchair

There are so many different types of flower wallpaper, from ditsy florals to dramatic dark florals and bold rose prints.

The right flower wallpaper can bring real drama to a room, with dark floral designs especially dramatic feeling. Meanwhile, wallpaper with more of a ditsy floral pattern can feel reminiscent of the 1970s, and is also a big part of the increasingly popular ‘cottagecore’ interiors trend. Flower wallpaper allows you to bring a touch of the outdoors indoors, so you can have a touch of spring or summer in your home all year round.

Florals are incredibly versatile when it comes to accessorising your home; pick out one of the colours of your flower wallpaper to theme the rest of your decor around or create a cool effect with soft furnishings in contrasting floral designs.

We recommend:

5. Tropical Wallpaper

tropical wallpaper in living room

Tropical or jungle wallpaper can make a big statement in a home. Bringing the outdoors in is an increasingly popular home decor trend, with palm leaf designs and bright florals a brilliant way to transform a room – and a much better option than houseplants if you struggle to keep them alive and thriving.

Tropical wallpaper designs are typically very busy, so they ideally need to be teamed with more minimalist or block colour accessories. As some jungle wallpaper designs feature tropical birds or other animals, you may like to continue with this theme throughout a room, perhaps with wooden animal ornaments to avoid too much colour or pattern clashing.

Our favourite tropical wallpapers include:

6. Animal Print Wallpaper

leopard print wallpaper

When it comes to choosing an animal wallpaper, you need to consider whether animal print wallpaper, such as a leopard print or tiger print design, or a wallpaper that features pictures of animals.

Leopard print wallpaper can be very brash, but there are some more muted options in neutral tones that look a little more subtle while still bringing a touch of personality to your home decor.

Wallpaper with an animal design doesn’t have to be confined to a nursery, as modern statement wallpapers feature everything from regal peacocks to ocean life and even repeating leopard or zebra patterns.

Animal wallpaper can be a brilliant way to create a feature wall in a bedroom; for example, a wall decorated in a flamingo wallpaper would look fabulous in a little girl’s pink bedroom.

Create a statement with animal wallpaper with these designs:

7. Vintage Wallpaper

vintage-inspired wallpaper

Vintage wallpaper designs are a great way to bring timeless elegance to your home decor. Art deco designs are especially popular at the moment, while baroque-inspired wallpaper designs are another favourite.

Keep the vintage theme throughout the rest of your home with second-hand or antique accessories, or make a statement by contrasting old and new with a retro wallpaper and bold modern accessories.

Check out these gorgeous vintage wallpapers:

8. Brick Wallpaper

brick effect wallpaper

Brick-effect wallpaper can create the vibe of a stylish New York loft apartment or a renovated industrial warehouse, even if you live in a newbuild semi-detached. Use a brick wallpaper throughout your home for a seriously cool effect or use it on a few choice walls for a more minimalist statement.

Bear in mind that a red brick-effect wallpaper can feel much warmer and cosier in a home than a white or grey brick effect.

Our collection of brick wallpapers includes:

How to Choose The Right Statement Wallpaper For You

When it comes to choosing a statement wallpaper, there are several factors you need to consider, such as:

  • The existing colour scheme of each room and what kind of wallpaper is likely to complement it
  • How on-trend is the statement wallpaper you’re considering? Is it likely to date quickly?
  • Think about the longevity of your choice – are you or your children likely to soon get bored of a particular pattern?
  • How much of your home are you planning to decorate in a statement design? Patterns can dominate a space, so think carefully about the positioning of your wallpaper when deciding how many rolls to purchase

Explore all of the different wallpaper styles available at I Want Wallpaper. If you have any questions about our statement wallpapers, please contact us here.