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8 Wallpaper Designs Inspired By Classic Romcoms

As film lovers, we don’t just watch romantic comedies for the love stories; we watch them for the fashion, the romantic shots of London and New York, the characters who make us laugh and cry, and for the home decor. 

From When Harry Met Sally to The Holiday and from Notting Hill to 50 First Dates, there’s some fabulous interior design inspiration to be found in our favourite romcoms, whether you’re looking to bring a touch of the 1990s to your home, take inspiration from the beaches of Hawaii, or simply ring in the changes with a new wallpaper colour.

Channel your favourite romcom characters with eight of our favourite wallpaper designs inspired by classic movies:

1. Book Wallpaper Inspired By Notting Hill

stack of old books

Notting Hill is a romcom classic, starring Hugh Grant (who plays bookshop worker Will) and Julia Roberts (who plays Hollywood movie star Anna). Will and Anna meet for the first time in The Travel Book Company shop, a bookshop crammed to the rafters with rough guides, maps, and travel books from around the world. 

Bring the feel of a dusty bookshop full of treasures to your home with a book-patterned wallpaper, like the Holden Vintage Book Case Pattern Faux Effect Wood Shelf Library Wallpaper (priced at £13 per roll). This wallpaper features a vintage-style book pattern, reminiscent of a stately home library. 

Take further inspiration from Notting Hill in your home decor with:

  • Book shelves filled with actual books; combined with your book wallpaper, these will create the illusion of your home being filled with even more books
  • Give a nod to The Travel Book Company by putting a map of the world on the wall, and stick coloured pins in the countries you’ve visited or would like to travel to in the future
  • Incorporate a few antique finds throughout your home – bonus points if they come from Notting Hill’s Portobello Road Market itself
  • Use pastel pinks, blues, and yellows around your home as a nod to the brightly painted house fronts of the Notting Hill area

2. Striped Wallpaper From When Harry Met Sally

striped wallpaper

The interiors in When Harry Met Sally – and indeed all of Nora Ephron’s romcoms – are very of their time. When Harry Met Sally was released in 1989, and the interiors of the character’s apartments have a distinct late-1980s/early-1990s feel. 

There are several scenes where we see Sally (played by Meg Ryan) in her bedroom, which is papered with a bold yellow and cream striped wallpaper, very similar to the Grandeco Palazzo Gold Wide Stripe Square Textured Designer Wallpaper (£27 per roll). 

Model your bedroom on Sally Albright’s with:

  • Striped wallpaper
  • Clashing floral curtains
  • A duvet cover in a contrasting floral design
  • Potted plants
  • Big lampshades
  • A landline phone
  • A box of tissues within reach of the bed for weepy movie nights watching Casablanca

3. Tartan Wallpaper Influenced By Clueless

tartan wallpaper

Our next romcom-inspired wallpaper is influenced by fashion rather than decor. Inspired by Jane Austen’s Emma – arguably the original romantic comedy – 1995 teen movie Clueless stars Alicia Silverstone as Cher Horowitz, who wears some truly iconic outfits. Among the most striking of these is a yellow tartan blazer and skirt set, which is the inspiration behind our next wallpaper recommendation.

Channel the 1990s and your inner Cher Horowitz in your home with the Holden Decor Linen Check Fabric Motif Smooth Traditional Linen Wallpaper (£12 per roll), a smart, cream, tartan design. It’s not quite as bright as Cher’s iconic suit, but it would look great in a dining room, bedroom, or living room. 

Bring more of the 1990s to your home decor with inflatable chairs, a lava lamp, and a retro games console, or take inspiration from Cher’s bedroom with:

  • A walk-in wardrobe
  • A dressmaker’s mannequin for laying out the next day’s outfit
  • A novelty landline phone
  • A wall-size mirror to make sure you always look on point before leaving the house

4. A New York Mural Inspired By Sleepless In Seattle

empire state building, new york

The Big Apple is the setting for many classic romantic comedies, but one of the most memorable New York romcom moments of all has to be the ending of Sleepless in Seattle, set on top of the Empire State Building, which just so happens to be lit up with a giant love heart design. 

Bring a slice of New York to your home decor with the 1 Wall New York Taxi Giant Wallpaper Mural (priced at £56), which features the city’s iconic yellow taxis, bright lights, and a view of Times Square. 

Be inspired by Sleepless in Seattle in your interior design with:

  • A bold New York mural
  • Heart-shaped fairy lights
  • A favourite teddy bear placed prominently on a shelf, as a nod to Jonah’s favourite cuddly toy
  • An old-fashioned radio, just in case you’re ever tempted to call a late-night talk show…

5. Bright Blue Wallpaper Inspired By Sex And The City

bright blue glitter wallpaper

In the 2008 Sex and the City movie, Carrie Bradshaw redecorates her iconic New York apartment when she’s trying to rebuild her life after a big break-up and ring in the changes. Carrie redecorates her previously grey apartment walls in a bright, almost turquoise blue.

Bring bright blue to your home decor with the Arthouse Glitterati Plain Pattern Emerald Wallpaper (£23 per roll), which features a hint of glitter, which we’re sure Carrie would love. 

Take more inspiration from Carrie’s decor in your own home by accessorising your bright blue wallpaper with:

  • A walk-in wardrobe
  • Shelves full of shoe boxes
  • A stack of library books by the bed
  • Back issues of Vogue magazine
  • A bold wall art print emblazoning the word ‘love’

6. Stone Effect Wallpaper Inspired By The Cottage From The Holiday 

stone cottage

Iris’ (played by Kate Winslet) countryside cottage from The Holiday, which provides the perfect cosy Christmas escape for Amanda (Cameron Diaz), is one of the best-loved romcom homes of all. 

The cottage has beautiful rustic stone walls, which you can bring to your home regardless of whether it’s a city centre flat or a new-build house thanks to the A.S. Creation Sand Stone Wall Pattern Rustic Brick Textured Wallpaper (£11 per roll) – it even has an embossed feel for extra authenticity.

Incorporate the cottagecore aesthetic in your own home with:

  • Armchairs upholstered in mismatched fabrics
  • Exposed wooden beams
  • Mismatched cushions in floral and paisley designs
  • Cosy, shabby chic rugs
  • A TV screen displaying a roaring fire video
  • Fairy lights for a touch of Christmas magic all year round

7. Minimalist Wallpaper Inspired By Amanda’s House In The Holiday

living room decorated in white

The Holiday sees Iris and Amanda swap homes over the festive season, with Iris heading to Amanda’s luxury LA home, which is a complete contrast to her cosy English cottage with its white, bright, spacious interiors. 

Bring this feeling to your home with the Superfresco Paintable White Wood Panel Wallpaper (£13 per roll), a bright white design with a stylish panelling effect. Beyond your walls, go for:

  • White sofas and chairs
  • Black coffee tables and sideboards to create a stylish monochrome contrast
  • Floor-length curtains to give the illusion of large, wall-size windows
  • Lots of lamps

8. Tropical Wallpaper Influenced By 50 First Dates

tropical wallpaper

Set on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, 50 First Dates tells the love story of Henry (played by Adam Sandler) and Lucy (Drew Barrymore), who has short-term memory loss, meaning Henry has to woo her again every day of their relationship. Set against a tropical backdrop, this 2004 romcom has a gorgeous summery feel, providing lots of inspiration for your home decor. 

Bring a touch of the tropical to your home with:

  • The Rasch Tropical Teal Green Rainforest Wallpaper (£13 per roll), with its vibrant pattern of green leaves and tropical pink birds
  • Greenery from houseplants and cacti
  • Earthy tones, such as woven rugs and wicker chairs
  • A pineapple-shaped vase
  • Beach-themed wall prints or photos from a favourite holiday
  • Surf-inspired wall art

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