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Downton Abbey Inspired Wallpapers

When the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey came to an end the other week, it got us thinking about the grandiose Edwardian interiors which we have seen in the show’s eponymous Yorkshire country estate over the years.

Now, we are well aware that we’ll never have a home that is quite as impressive as Downton Abbey to call our own, but there is no harm in dreaming. Plus, with a little innovation and the right wallpaper the possibilities of interior decoration are endless.

So in order to try and recreate the amazing sets of the show, we have plucked out a selection of our favourite Downton Abbey-esque wallpapers from the I Want Wallpaper site. Let’s see if you agree!

IWWDA1Firstly, we’ve turned to the Abbey’s cosy ground floor library. This is the room where you will commonly see Lord Grantham writing letters at his desk or the other family members sat on the red sofas surrounding the fireplace. The room is packed with thousands of books so unless you have plenty money to spend (or a massive collection of books stored away) then you might have to cut some corners to recreate this setting. We’ve chosen Rainbow’s Old Classic Library wallpaper for this one, which uses a high quality photographic print to replicate a vintage bookshelf.


IWWDA2Our second room of choice is the Downton Abbey drawing room which is an elegant space filled with a decorative interior. You may remember the room as being the communal area where the family goes before and after dinner, or from the second series when it was converted into an officers’ hospital to help with the Great War effort. Our suggestion for this room is a floral damask vinyl wallpaper from P&S International which comes in a pale blue-green with gold detailing, very fitting of Edwardian style.



Finally we turn to the nursery for our third bit of Downton decorating. Presided over by Nanny West before her sacking, the nursery has been the home of Master George, Miss Sybbie and later Marigold Gregson throughout the series and is filled with cast iron cotts and a bed for Nanny. It features soft, pink and white floral wallpaper and we have matched it up with Arthouse’s Opera Chinoise which has a very similar aesthetic.

What do you think of our Downton Abbey choices? Let us know!