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How To Embrace Farmhouse Decor In Your Home

There is one decor trend that we’re pretty confident will never go out of style, and that is the farmhouse trend.

The ever-popular shabby chic, farmhouse decor trend offers an undeniable amount of charm. With its rich colours, natural materials and classic detailing, the farmhouse trend will bring a sense of warmth, coziness and style to your home. And the best part? You absolutely don’t need a house in the country to nail this look!

Here at I Want Wallpaper we’ve put together some top tips on how to nail this countryside inspired decor trend — no matter your location!

Opt for rustic shades

There are certain shades that lend themselves perfectly to the farmhouse trend, whether they’re used in your furniture or on your walls. To nail the countryside farmhouse look, opt for rich warm shades — terracottas and deep browns combined with simple creams and sandy beiges are ideal.


If you’re looking to introduce a pop of colour, opt for subtle touches of green in the form of soft furnishings. These will help to bring the outside in, and inject a extra sense of countryside chic.

  • Holden Decor Opus Loretta Texture Beige Wallpaper

Use natural materials

Natural materials work perfectly for a countryside farmhouse vibe. Where possible, opt for natural wood or oversized, reclaimed furniture for a true rustic effect.


Farmhouse decor is all about embracing the natural materials at your disposal, so when it comes to your walls, work with any natural beams or exposed brick you may already have. If not, fake it with faux effect wallpapers. Stone, brick and wood panel effect wallpapers are all ideal for bringing a true country lodge feel to your home.

  • Muriva Wood Panel Faux Effect Wooden Beam Realistic Mural Wallpaper

Plaid detailing

One quick and easy way to create a farmhouse style is with classic plaid detailing. Plaid has long been recognised for its countryside charm — extend this charm into your living quarters though stylish plaid wallpaper.


Keep it classic with a red and green check design — the fairburn option from Arthouse is perfect to add a vintage touch to your home. Alternatively, add a touch of class with farmhouse inspired blue plaid wallpaper.

For something a little more subtle, opt for a simple check pattern wallpaper. The black and white checkered wallpaper from A.S. Creation is simple and versatile, yet still exudes a traditional farmhouse feel.

  • Arthouse Vintage Fairburn Tartan Check Pattern Textured Wallpaper

Use farmhouse colours

When it comes to colours, nothing says traditional countryside chic quite like a classic blue and white combination. Whether checked, striped or intricately patterned, blue and white decor is an instant way to give any room a farmhouse makeover.

Look out for patterned blue and white accessories in the form of soft furnishings, tablecloths, pottery and china. If you’re looking to really nail the countryside look, opt for a blue and white patterned wallpaper.


The unique smashed plate motif wallpaper from Rasch is sure to make a bold statement in any kitchen, while floral options are perfect for living rooms or bedrooms. If you’re looking to make an instant impression in a hallway or living space, why not create a stunning feature wall with a Rasch tile pattern wallpaper?

  • Rasch Trendspots Designer Smashed Plate Motif Kitchen Wallpaper

So, are you feeling inspired yet? Whether you’re giving your home a stunning farmhouse makeover or you’re simply looking to refresh your walls for the new year, be sure to explore the full collections of wallpaper and wall murals at I Want Wallpaper.