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Five Sensational Striped Wallpapers

Striped wallpaper is a timeless style; they’ll keep looking great for years to come and rarely go out of style which is why they are always so popular with customer here at I Want Wallpaper.

What you may not know though, is that striped wallpapers can also work wonders in adding some extra height or length to a room – the illusion of it anyway. Most striped wallpapers can be hung either horizontally or vertically; hang your paper horizontally and it elongates a wall or hang it vertically to make ceilings seem higher up, so this makes stripy wallpaper ideal for decorating small rooms such as box bedrooms, kitchens or toilets. To give a little stripy inspiration, we’ve taken a look at five of the most popular stripe wallpapers from our online store:

1) Sophia Pinstripe by Arthouse

A striking and bold wallpaper, Sophia by Arthouse is a contemporary design from the brand’s Opera collection that would be the ideal wallpaper for those opting for a modern approach to their home décor. Made up of red, pink, white and silver vertical pinstripes, this vivid style would work perfectly in a bedroom as either a feature wall or a throughout the room for eye-catching finish.


2) Three Stripe Vinyl by Direct Wallpapers

Looking to make that boxy front room seem a little larger? Then this horizontal three stripe vinyl wallpaper from Direct Wallpapers could be the one for you. The tri-colour chunky stripes complement each other really well and make it a great wallpaper for creating a theme within the room– think red cushions, white furniture and silver accessories. We can see this one working really well in living rooms and dining rooms.




3) Glitter Sparkle Stripes by Arthouse

If you’re after something with a bit of sparkle to it, then you can’t go wrong with this stripy combination of purple, green, white and light blue from Arthouse. With dense glitter infused into the paper this is the kind of wallpaper that will look stunning as it shimmers in the light. Our tip would be to hang this as a feature wall and pair it with another plain matching wallpaper such as purple, green or white.





4) Painted Wood Planks by A.S Creation

Our fourth choice comes from A.S Creation and is a beautiful mix between a wood effect and striped design, distressed wood planks painted in soft blues and whites – a wonderful way to mix soft and charming with rugged and rustic. We can see this one being used to its full potential in kitchens – make those breakfast bars stand out even more – or in smaller toilet rooms to bring the confined spaces to life.




5) Gianna by Belgravia

Finally, we’ve gone for one of the most elegant stripe designs available in the form of Gianna by Belgravia. This wallpaper includes blacks, greys and silvers in a variety of stripe widths to create a dark but luxurious pattern which would surely bring a lush and lavish atmosphere to any room. In our opinion, this one would work best in bedrooms or living rooms, either paired with dark interiors, or matching white and grey furniture to lighten it up in naturally darker rooms.