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Five Timeless Traditional Wallpapers for Your Home

You can’t go wrong with traditional wallpapers, these styles have passed the test of time and can be found in homes up and down the country – if not the world.

But what counts as a traditional wallpaper? It is hard to give a full definition of what one should look like, rather we have to define them as styles which have been hugely popular for decades and have therefore embedded themselves in our home décor traditions.

Obviously this is casting the net out far, so what kind of wallpapers can you expect? Well, here in the UK some of our traditional styles include floral, damask, flock and motif designs and we have rounded up our favourites for you to explore below:

1) Vintage Fairburn Tartan by Arthouse

Our first traditional wallpaper is Arthouse’s Fairburn Tartan (pictured right) from their Vintage collection – a stunning take on the traditional Scottish fabric. With its simple colours this high quality wallpaper is not too bright or bold but creates an amazing textured background which could work well in any room

2) Three Colour Stripes from Direct Wallpapers

Next on our list we have another simplistic design, this time in the form of stripes by Direct Wallpapers. Featuring three chunky horizontal stripes in purple, silver and white which compliment each other immensely, this wallpaper is one of our more modern, traditional choices but nevertheless would make a great option for a living room feature wall.


3) Palazzo by Grandeco

Third, we bring you the intricate Palazzo wallpaper by Grandeco. This design is made up of a traditional damask-floral print set upon a background of textured squares which adds a level of depth to the wallpaper. The use of metallic colours just exudes style and elegance which we think would work well when matched with some metal home furnishings.


4) Glamour Damask by Rasch

Rasch have brought the glitz and glamour with this next traditional damask print wallpaper which contains some amazingly intricate and ornate designs. Packed full of sparkling glitter, this wallpaper will capture the attention of anyone that comes near it making it a perfect choice for creating an eye-catching feature wall.


5) Darcy by Arthouse

Our final traditional choice is another beautiful print by Arthouse but this time it is their Darcy wallpaper. This regal design from the Opera collection features a dark background with a contrasting damask-style layer which is finished with a top layer of stunning white roses. The three layers of the design add depth to the wallpaper and produce a majestic traditional floral aesthetic.