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Five Wood Effect Wallpapers for Adding Rustic Charm

Wooden home interiors are well known for their cosiness and charm, however having them installed in modern homes can be problematic. In order to make life a little easier for you though, there is a huge selection of wood effect wallpapers and murals available online for you to choose from.

Opting for wood effect wallpaper in place of the real thing allows you to bypass troublesome maintenance issues such as regular varnishing, rot and even the possibility of termites, while still leaving you with a beautiful home interior with authentic-looking wood aesthetics.

Below, we have sourced out five of our favourite wood effect wallpapers to help inspire your decision in creating a rustic and natural looking home interior


1) Bluff Wood Panel by Muriva

Muriva’s Bluff Wood Panel wallpaper (right) is an extremely high quality print regarded as one of the best wood panel effect wallpapers in today’s market. This exclusive design by French manufacturer Koziel is lightly textured to give the look of authentic wood grain which will leave your guests amazed. As well as use in the home this brilliant wallpaper also has a range of uses in commercial properties such as bars, cafes and restaurants.


2) Wooden Library Shelves by Grandeco Ideco

Want to create a classic library aesthetic in your home without the hassle of buying all of the books? If so, then Grandeco Ideco’s realistic Library Books wallpaper is the choice for you. Packed full of classic novel titles, these wooden bookcases come in a high quality print and will produce a vintage vibe no matter how old or new your home is!





3) Painted Wood Beam Panels by A.S. Creation

A.S. Creations have produced a truly realistic product with their Painted Wood Beam Panels wallpaper. This high quality print comes with a scored texture to enhance the wood grain design which really brings thisamazing wallpaper to life. Use it to build yourself a rustic feature wall or why not pair with some of our stone or slate effect wallpapers to add a charming bucolic theme into your home interior.




4) Authentic Wood Panel by Erismann

Another wood panel design this time by top wallpaper brand, Erismann. The Authentic Wood Panel print features horizontal beams of wood and boasts a simplistic, pastoral beauty. While this back-to-basics look might not be everyone’s cup of tea it can undoubtedly be used in various situations such as feature walls, commercial properties or even on a home breakfast bar to allow it to stand-out from the rest of the room!



5) Forest by Muriva

Create an indoor wilderness in your very own home with the Forest vinyl print by Muriva. Featuring high quality photographs of silver birch trees this amazing wallpaper allows you to add a stunning statement to any room. We suggest pairing this product with green and silver furnishings and a selection of indoor plants to complete the full woodland vibe.