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Geometric Wallpaper Ideas For Your Home

If you’re looking for ideas or inspiration for decorating with geometric wallpaper in your home then you have definitely came to the right place. Here at I Want Wallpaper we stock thousands of wallpapers in a plethora of styles and hundreds of these are made up of super stylish geometric prints, patterns and designs.

Geometric designs are typically made up of repeated lines or shapes, which leaves a huge scope for ideas when looking to buy geometric wallpaper for your home. So, without further ado, here are some of our favourite geometric wallpapers to help inspire your next home décor project.


3D Triangle Geometric Wallpaper

This unique and eye-catching 3D effect wallpaper from P&S International reminds me of flying over Alpine mountains, with a range of snowy peaks point up towards you. The shading and colouring in this print adds so much depth and pulls the design, which is further enhanced by the textured finish, out from the wall and into the room. The sleek white and greys in this offering from P&S International would make this geometric wallpaper perfect for use in a monochrome, futuristic or minimal themed room.


Geometric Chevron Wallpaper

With its wave-like chevrons and soft blues, whites and greys, this geometric wallpaper from Grandeco has a certain feel of water or waves. Add that to sparkling glitter detailing and a textured finish and what you’re left with is a wallpaper design that could easily be used as a feature wall in a living room or bedroom, or throughout a bathroom or toilet room with matching blue, white and grey furnishings.


Abstract Star Geometric Wallpaper

Inspired by stars and leaves, this geometric wallpaper from A.S Creation features a triangular repeated, interlocking design. The wallpaper is given a deep 3D effect thanks to shading and some slight embossments, with hints of colour added with greens, blues and reds on each peak making it really easy to match up with other colourful home interiors. We would suggest using this design for a feature wall with matching dark second wallpaper for the reamaining walls, plus dark, modern furnishings.

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