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How To Choose an Accent Wall

Feature walls are a fantastic way to quickly and easily inject colour or pattern into a room. They are perfect for creating an instant splash of style and intrigue, without the commitment of having to paper the whole room.

But, how do you go about selecting which wall to choose as your accent wall?

There are a few things that must be considered when selecting which wall to use as your accent wall. Ensure you get it right first time by following our expert tips…


Check whether your room has a natural focal point.

All too often, the right feature wall will jump out at you as soon as you walk into the room. Think about where the first place is that your eye is drawn when you enter the room. Perhaps you have a fireplace or mantel already attracting focus, or you own a piece of statement furniture that you’re wanting to showcase and draw more attention to? Play to your rooms existing strengths and work with the decor you already have to work out which potential wall can make the most of a statement.



Don’t overcrowd the room

While looking for the natural focal point is a great way to start, don’t fall into the trap of overcrowding your feature wall with furniture and accessories. One statement piece of furniture works well as a highlight against a feature wall: much more than that, and the wall will begin to feel cluttered and confusing.


Avoid feature walls with doors and windows

When selecting a feature wall to decorate, try to choose a wall that has no windows or doors. These walls are functional parts of the room, and generally are not the best place to make a style statement. Creating a feature around a window is problematic in itself as the light coming in can create shadows on the wall, destroying the bright, statement effect of any feature wallpaper. Not only that but papering around a door or window makes for a much trickier task! Stick to a wall with minimal architectural detailing for the best possible effect.


Consider where the light falls

Leading on from our last point, take note of windows and notice whereabouts in the room the light falls. A dark coloured feature wall in a gloomier part of the room will be covered by shadows and will make the whole room look darker. Try to choose a feature wall that benefits from plenty of natural light – this will showcase your feature wall and help to brighten up the whole room.



So, now you’ve decided where to place your feature wall, you can move onto the fun part – selecting your wallpaper! There are a whole host of options you can choose from, depending on the effect you want for your home.

Perhaps you’re a lover of Scandi style and a modern geometric wallpaper would suit your home? Or perhaps you want to create a rustic feel with faux effect brick wallpaper? Whatever your tastes, if you’re looking for even more wallpaper inspiration be sure to explore our blog post on Feature Wall Ideas: Choosing Wallpaper.