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How To Choose Blinds And Soft Furnishings To Make Your Wallpaper Pop

Decorating a room is an exciting prospect, but it can also be a little baffling and bamboozling unless you know exactly what you want. If you’ve chosen your wallpaper, it’s natural to want to make it pop and create a stunning overall aesthetic. In this guide, we’ll offer some helpful tips and tricks to help you find the perfect blinds and soft furnishings to complement your walls.

Consider the colourway

The first thing to think about when you’re revamping your decor and you’re looking for accessories and curtains and blinds is the colourway. Use your wallpaper colour or print as the starting point and think about whether you want to stick to a single colour, choose tonal shades that complement the wallpaper or add flashes of completely different colours. Consider the vibe you want to create and the function of the room. You might want to opt for a single colour or tonal colours for tranquil, peaceful, relaxing spaces, such as bedrooms and cosy living rooms. For entertaining areas and social spaces, you may want to be a little bolder with your choices. You could add flashes of bright hues to lift neutral wallpaper or add clashing prints, for example. It’s a great idea to test colours together and see how they work. You can also take inspiration from places you’ve visited or homes you’ve seen in magazines or on TV or social media.

Dressing windows and doors

Our homes often boast different types and styles of windows and doors. You may have a single window in a bathroom or a lounge that has patio doors or an oversized feature window that overlooks the garden, for example. When you’re looking for curtains and blinds, it’s wise to tailor the options to the design of your wallpaper and the size and style of windows and doors you’re dressing. Look for French door blinds that match the colour or print of the paper and encourage the eye to wander to the view beyond, or make a statement with bright, printed curtains for a window in a cosy living room or decadent dining area. Consider whether you want the wallpaper to be the main event, or you’re keen for the view or another feature, such as a mirror or a fireplace, to occupy the spotlight.

Embracing trends and styles

There are all kinds of incredible decor styles to choose from. Interior design trends come and go just like fashion trends and you can mix and match to celebrate your style and taste. If you’re buying blinds, curtains or soft furnishings to make your wallpaper pop, it’s a great idea to think about the style of the paper. Is it industrial, rustic or elegant? Is it retro or contemporary? Does it have a formal or a playful, fun aesthetic? You can channel a single trend in one room or take elements of different looks to suit your personality.

Decorating a room can be great fun, but it can be difficult to put multiple items and accents together to create a stunning aesthetic. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect blinds, curtains, accessories and soft furnishings to match your wallpaper, consider the colourway, the size and style of windows and doors and the trends you want to channel.