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Ideas For Decorating Your Home With Wood Wallpaper

Faux wood wallpaper has become hugely popular here at I Want Wallpaper as our customers look at add some natural, rustic charm to their home, and to be honest, we don’t blame them! Advancements in printing technologies now mean that wallpaper brands can create ultra lifelike wood designs with vibrant colours and textured surfaces that are so realistic they can fool almost anybody and the result is the hundreds of amazing wood effect wallpapers that you can see in our online store.

We love this style of faux wallpaper and have decided to offer our customers some wood wallpaper decorating ideas to help you plan your dream home and choose the perfect paper when shopping online.

Colourful wood wallpaper

First up, we decided to look at a wood wallpaper design with some added colour which helps it stand out from the crowd. This authentic wood panel wallpaper from Erismann is a great example, as it uses a plethora of soft blues, reds, greens and more to give the effect of an aging paint wash which brings the aged wood aesthetic to life. The wallpaper is available in more typical wood colour schemes, however, we think this guileful design is great as it is!


Patterned wood wallpaper

Galerie Wallcoverings are well known for their striking geometric wallpaper prints, so when we saw that they were to use their signature style on faux wood wallpaper we were super excited. Created with a soft geometric design laid over classic wood panels, this triangle pattern wood panel wallpaper from Galerie’s Unplugged range mixes the natural with the contemporary to wonderful effect and would look great in a modern home trying to add a rustic vibe while staying in the contemporary.


Wood pallet wallpaper

Next we have something slightly different from the norm, but it is certainly a design that could transform a room when used correctly. Factory crates aren’t usually something you’d think of as worthy to be up on your walls; however, we can’t help but be intrigued by this realistic wood pallet wallpaper from Rasch. Whether it is helping to set a man cave apart from the rest of the house or even used in an industrial styled bar, this unusual but effective wallpaper will certainly help to change the feel of the room, and comes in two colour schemes – a light shade and a dark shade – so you can choose one to suit your preferred style.

View the complete collection of wood wallpapers online at I Want Wallpaper!