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Most Common Colour Mistakes When Decorating

Decorating our home in colour can be either super fun, or super stressful. We want to make it an exciting experience for everyone and to do so, we want to help you to not make any mistakes. Because white is ‘just white’, right?

#1 | White is not ‘just white’ and cream is not ‘just cream’. Each of your stereotypical colours is broken down into warm tones, cool tones, neutral tones and they can have different effects on a room. If you’re painting, paint a large surface area on each wall that you’re painting to note how it changes throughout the day in different lights, or if you are going for wallpaper then always try it out a sample. That ‘bright white’ room you were hoping for may not go as planned without a large natural source of light.

#2 | Do not go seasonal unless you are prepared to commit. Those burgundy and deep green shades look fantastic in the autumn or winter time but are they going to dull your living room in summer? Always consider the whole year when committing to seasonal theme in a room. Remember, trends change just as quick as the seasons do…

#3 | Going too bright can be a bit too brave in some situations and can make you struggle when it comes to matching furniture. Nobody wants to strain their eyes as they walk into your kitchen so soften the look with a pastel shade or something easier on the eye.

#4 | Everyone does the same thing before painting a room and this often leads to a big mistake. Painting the smallest area of a wall to test a colour is not the right way to go about seeing if a colour suits. Don’t be afraid to go big and bold to see what the shade is actually going to look like with the rest of the room.

#5 | Do not forget the floor! Your choice of colour has to compliment the floor just as much as it needs to compliment the furniture in it. Whether a wood effect, tile or carpet, always consider how the floor will affect the overall vibe of the room before committing to a shade.