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Nursery Decor Ideas: Create A Nursery At Home

Are you looking to create your very own nursery at home?

From getting a good nights sleep to inspiring the imagination and senses during waking hours, the right decor and ambience in your babies nursery is vital for their development. You need something that balances calm and creative styles – and, of course, that looks beautiful in the home too!

Whether you’re looking for a new space for your tots to play or you have a little one on the way and are getting prepared for the big arrival, here at I Want Wallpaper we’ve put together our top nursery decorating ideas.


Get creative with storage

You probably don’t need warning that kids can be messy creatures! A huge appeal to a nursery is having a dedicated area of the house to store most of your child’s things – however, this can inevitably lead to a rather cluttered room.

Combat this from the start by planning a number of storage areas in your nursery. From painted drawers and toy boxes to wallpaper backed shelves, with some clever DIY you can create fashionable and functional nursery decor that really will take pride of place in the room.


Choose a calming colour scheme

When thinking about colour schemes, you need to consider what will work for both you and your baby. Look for soft, muted tones, as they will still look fashionable in the home while helping to soothe and calm your baby.

Greys, whites and yellows in various light shades are ideal for a nursery. The colours are gender neutral, very on-trend right now, and allow for easy customisation of the room as your child grows.


Add a feature wall with nursery wallpaper

While muted tones create a great base in your nursery, feature walls are an ideal way to add interest to the room. Feature walls are perfect for injecting colour, pattern and personality into a space without overpowering it, making them a great choice for your child’s nursery.

From polka dots to animal nursery wallpaper, there are a variety of childrens wallpaper designs available to help bring an extra touch of life and fun into your room. To work with your fashion forward grey and yellow colour theme, we simply adore the Holden Decor Woodland Adventure Pattern Childrens Wallpaper. This unisex nursery wallpaper showcases adorable cartoon animals including foxes, hedgehogs and birds, alongside stylish colours and unique glitter finishing touches.


Work with textures

Textures not only create depth, interest and warmth in a room, but they are also great for your babies senses and development! Therefore, make sure your nursery has plenty of varying textures for your little one to enjoy.

From fluffy cushions and plush blankers to soft teddy bears, there are a whole host of fantastic options to treat your babies senses.


Consider light and noise when choosing your nursery

Usually, we’re all about rooms that benefit from natural light. However, when it comes to nurseries, this is not the case!

Babies need dark, quiet spaces to sleep in. A brightly lit room, close to busy roads or overpowering streetlights, may disturb your little one (and therefore you!) throughout the night. So, where possible, position your child’s nursery in a naturally dark, quiet area of the house or, if you’re lacking in choice, ensure the room is prepared for your new arrival with blackout blinds and double glazing.


If you’re feeling suitably inspired and are looking for some wallpaper to decorate your nursery, look no further than the I Want Wallpaper collection. From grey nursery wallpapers to cute Disney wallpaper designs, you’re sure to find the perfect options to create a calm, comforting space.