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Only Fools & Horses Inspired Wallpaper

Only Fools and Horses is pretty much synonymous with British Christmas television, having notched up no less than nine Christmas specials since its launch in 1981. While there may not be a festive offering from Del Boy, Rodney and Co in 2015, we can no doubt expect to see their faces on our screens at some point in the coming weeks.

The sitcom is renowned for the hilarious adventures of the Trotter brothers, who live in their Peckham flat with their elderly Grandad and later on, Uncle Albert. Over the years their flat, packed full of merchandise waiting to be flogged by Del Boy, has become iconic within British culture and is without a doubt one of the most easily recognised sets on British television.

So in celebration of their Christmas specials which we all love and will no doubt be watching over the festive period, we have scoured the I Want Wallpaper website for some Only Fools & Horses inspired wallpapers.

Our first choice is inspired by the retro looking wallpaper seen in the background in this photo. The geometric pattern is very typical of the 1970s, which is most likely the last time the Trotters’ flat got decorated, even though the show began in 1981. Made by Erismann, the Levante wallpaper is multi-layered vinyl design with a distinctly vintage aesthetic – perfect for anyone wanting to channel their inner Del Boy into their home.



Next, we’ve found our own version of the flat’s classic palm tree wallpaper, nicely modelled by Marlene and her very 80s mobile phone in this photo. Our choice is this slightly more extravagant wallpaper from P&S International, which includes pink tropical birds, green trees and a pale blue background, but we’re sure Del Boy and Rodney would still approve of the bright, vibrant and fun design.

Our final Only Fools and Horses-inspired wallpaper comes from their iconic local boozer, The Nags Head. The pub was decorated in typical fashion for the times with brown striped wallpaper shown behind Del, Rodney, Trigger et al in this great photo. We have chosen the brown and cream Aspire wallpaper from Erismann for this one, which we feel matches up pretty well to the original.

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