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Retro Chic: Bring Some Retro Charm into your Home

Retro design never goes out of fashion when it’s done right.

Whether you favour a busy aesthetic, or a more pared down design scheme, integrating retro touches into your home is both simple and affordable.

While some people favour pieces and patterns from a specific decade, others mix and match, creating an eclectic scheme bustling with colour and interest.

Hunting for retro and vintage treasures has never been so popular. Remember, you can find the real deal on the high street, at auctions, or online, or you can pick up quality, retro-inspired pieces at department stores and design boutiques.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1.       Think about your theme

Grab a bunch of coloured pens and pencils and brainstorm! Would you like to create a kitsch space, a bohemian atmosphere, or a 60s mod vibe?

Once you’ve settled on your theme, you can begin thinking about your colour palette. For a mod-inspired theme, for instance, think black and white with blue and red accents.

2.       Consider your focal point

All great design schemes feature a focal point, be it a framed work of art, a feature wall, fireplace or even a striking piece of furniture.

3.       Use colour!

When it comes to interior décor, too many people shy away from bold, bright colours, sticking to neutral tones instead.

If you’re wary of splashing colour around, source interesting knickknacks, paintings, cushion covers, lamps and rugs in rainbow hues.

4.       Mix it up a bit

Unless you want your house to look like a museum or film set (and some people do!), consider mixing the old with the new. Enliven contemporary shelving with vintage treasures or clothe your brand new bed in floral quilts and embroidered linens.


5.       Create a gallery

Nothing sets of great wallpaper like great art, so get hanging. Framed posters, postcards and prints will make your home feel unique.

Don’t feel the need to limit yourself to one artistic style or period. Clashing patterns and colours look great when they’re combined with other retro touches.

6.       Think about lighting

Lighting is an important part of any home design scheme. If you are thinking about sourcing retro lamps and light fittings, make sure they’re safe to use, and always have them rewired if not.