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Scandi Style: How To Get The Scandinavian Look In Your Home

The Scandi sense of style in the home is modern, light and clean — perfect for summer!

While, in decor, Scandinavian style is often minimal, this doesn’t have to mean empty. Scandi style takes minimal as we know it and turns it on its head, with the onus on function and balance: not having too much or too little, and each item in a room having a function.

When it comes to creating a clean, fresh space, white walls are your obvious starting point. However, while stark white spaces can often feel clinical, Scandi style is anything but! Use white as your base, and then create warmth, depth and texture with detailing and accessories. Think clean but cosy, and you’ve hit the nail on the head!

If you’re looking to get onboard with the ever-popular Scandi decor trend and need further inspiration, we’re detailing the four key ways to nail Scandinavian style in your home.


Opt for a neutral colour palette

First things first — colour! Scandi style is all about making your room feel light, clean and fresh, so pale neutrals are an obvious choice. A white, cream or light grey base is ideal. Then, bring warmth through natural materials in your furniture; a cream or pastel table or chair with Eames style wooden legs is a great choice for the Scandi trend.

Once you have your base covered, you can begin to have fun with colour. Scandi style uses pops of colour to create depth and interest in a room — think fresh blues, greens and teals, and fun bursts of yellow or mustard.


Let there be light

Another key part of the Scandi style trend is light. You should aim to capitalise on as much natural light as possible, so take down any thick curtains and instead opt for light blinds. The look should be bright in the daytime and cosy in the nighttime, so use additional lighting such as lamps and candles to create warmth and depth.


Have fun with patterns

Geometric patterns are very Scandinavian chic, and perfect for adding a modern sense of intrigue into your room. Play around with uniquely patterned rugs or cushions to complete your living room, or use a geometric print wallpaper to create an eye-catching feature wall.


Create depth with texture

And finally, texture! While a lot of Scandi style inspirations look at the clean lines of Sweden and Denmark, the rustic, cosy feel of Finland and Norway also comes into play. Think log cabin chic, with raw materials and faux fur soft furnishings bringing warmth to your space.

Faux effect wallpapers are a great shout here, perfect for creating an inviting, natural feel in your home. Light coloured brick effect wallpapers or wood effect wallpapers are the ideal choice for creating a clean yet cosy Scandinavian feature wall.


Our top Scandi wallpaper picks

If you’re looking to create a modern Scandinavian style in your home, why not do so with Scandi style wallpaper? From creating a clean white base with white wallpaper through to adding intrigue with geometric wallpapers or faux effect wallpapers, there are a whole host of options to give your home that coveted Scandi vibe.

  • Arthouse VIP White Brick Wall Photographic Stone Effect Wallpaper

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