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Spring Colours To Brighten Up A Room

We don’t know about you, but here at I Want Wallpaper we are pretty happy that spring has finally, well, sprung!!


Nothing is better than shedding the dark and stepping into the vibrant colour options that come with spring, especially after the long cold winter!

By introducing colour in to your home, via wallpaper, you can create a bright interior that will really lift your spirits – for us spring colours are bright and sunny.


Shades of pink can create a calming, warm and comfortable feeling. Brighter pinks are youthful, fun, and exciting, while vibrant pinks have the same high energy as red; they are sensual and passionate without being too aggressive


Yellow means optimism, happiness and enlightenment, and certain shades carry positive feelings. Yellow will also spark creative thoughts.


Egg Blue will generate calm and tranquillity – a soft robin’s egg blue will project a light, friendly interior.


Want to see for yourself? Take a look at the amazing wallpapers that we think fit the brief above, and decorate your home in Spring today.

This Nature Trail wallpaper, from Graham & Brown, features some of the colours mentioned above. The duck egg background has a floral pattern, along with pink butterflies and dragonflies. Imagine walks along a stream, the sun shining and wildlife flying past – now that is definitely a spring image!
Most roses begin to bloom in early spring, soon after the last winter frost. This fantastic spring evoking wallpaper from Muriva, entitled ‘Madison Rose’ is a beautiful photographic print wallpaper featuring large roses in a choice of monochrome shades, accentuated to create a diagonal pattern of deeper-coloured flowers.


This lovely sunny yellow wallpaper from Arthouse features a motif of exotic songbirds perched on branches, with a climbing floral pattern decorating the paper. During the spring and early summer songbirds spring into song making this the ideal wallpaper to brighten your home!