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Top 10 Industrial Wallpaper Designs on Pinterest

Industrial wallpaper is huge in interior design. Infusing your home with heritage and character, this style genre is available in countless forms — from brick and stone, to wood and slate.

Whether you want warm rustic or cool urban, industrial wallpaper is versatile and stylish for a striking effect that you can easily complement with various other tones and furnishings. Check out the best Pinterest industrial wallpapers and reinvent any room in your home.

Metallic industrial wallpaper

Scratched and distressed surfaces like this fake metal wallpaper design are right on trend at the moment. This industrial wallpaper style brings a warehouse effect into your home, which looks great hanging in offices or studies behind steel furniture and chrome lamps. Get the same look in your home with our iron faux effect design from A.S Creation

AS Creation Metal Panel Scratched Iron Faux Effect Industrial Wallpaper

Wood industrial wallpaper

Wood-effect wallpaper has the benefit of infusing your home with rustic cosiness. The traditional look of this wood design is the perfect complement to a family kitchen, creating a warm atmosphere in the heart of the home that is ideal for enjoying family meals and catch-ups with friends. Our Muriva faux wood panel effect wallpaper provides the same appeal with a textured look that makes it all the more realistic.

Muriva fake wood effect industrial wallpaper

Painted brick industrial wallpaper

Brick wallpapers have been a go-to trend for home decorators and interior designers for years, and things aren’t looking to change soon. This faux-effect brick wallpaper reminds us of an old building or factory exterior which makes it an ideal industrial wallpaper for you to hang anywhere in your home. Industrial wallpapers designs, like our painted brick wallpaper from Arthouse, that come with a faded/whitewashed aesthetic create a striking urban edge which is great for running through a whole room or using as a focus wall.

Painted brick industrial wallpaper

Damage-effect metal industrial wallpaper

Take your industrial home decor up a notch with a covering like this dented and damaged looking metal wallpaper. The scratched and discoloured sections make the design really stand out, while the textured detailing and tessellated pattern almost give a sense of former luxury that mesmersingly contrasts the overall dilapidated look. Similarly, our metallic wallpaper from Muriva features expertly produced lighting and shadowing techniques for a 3D effect, while the cool corrugated iron imagery is great for a den.

Muriva corrugated iron industrial wallpaper

Rust-effect industrial wallpaper

The thing we love about industrial wallpaper is how it uses imperfections to create something captivatingly attractive. By featuring a blend of faux metal and rust, this Pinterest design has managed to create a down-to-earth feel while also utilising a rich orange that helps to effortlessly bring warmth into your home.

If you like this design, you get the same effect with our iron bar industrial wallpaper from Rasch, which offers similar rustic tones that complement family rooms, such as lounges or kitchens.

Rust iron industrial wallpaper

Red brick industrial wallpaper

We adore brick effect. For us, it’s the quintessential industrial wallpaper choice. Unlike the earlier brick design, this Pinterest choice uses a warmer red for a more earthy charm which we think hangs brilliantly in a hallway to create a cheerful atmosphere for visiting friends and family.

You get the same positive feeling with our red brick Muriva design, and the other bonus of this type of industrial wallpaper is its versatility when matching it with furnishings and furniture. Hang it behind monochrome tables and chairs or as a backdrop to lightwood picture frames, sideboards and floors.


Industrial wall mural

Switching from industrial wallpapers to industrial wall murals, we love this mechanical-themed design featuring steelworks and labourers. A heritage piece reminiscent of former factories; murals like this and our New York bridge mural make fantastic focus walls and can stand out even better if you use them as a backdrop to soft-fabric sofas and wood furniture.

NYC bridge industrial mural

White-brick industrial wallpaper

Industrial wallpaper isn’t always bold and striking. If you want a subtle approach, go for a brick wallpaper in a pale colour, like white or soft grey, and complement it with bright vases and photoframes to bring out the stone detailing. Our bluff embossed brick effect wallpaper is an understated take on the industrial wallpaper trend featuring careful shading to emphasise each stone and make a statement in any room.

Bluff embossed brick industrial wallpaper

Log industrial wallpaper

The stacked log imagery is a great fusion of nature and industry. Plus, it’s a perfect design to hang as a feature wall on your chimney breast or throughout a cosy den. We recommend doing either with our giant log wall design. You can also use it to add a homely, rustic feel to a large dining room or place it in your kitchen for the same informal and fashionable effect.

Giant stacked log industrial wallpaper

Graffiti industrial wallpaper

Industrial wallpaper really brings an urban/street atmosphere into your home. If you’re looking for a style with a bit more edge, go for this graffiti paper on a wooden background. This has the casual feel of other wood panel papers with a touch of colourful anarchy for a strong, but not overpowering, effect. Try our version on this gritty design. Kids will love this graffiti motif wallpaper from P&S International and it’s ideal for adding energy to a room as a focus wall without taking over the entire decor.

Graffiti motif industrial wallpaper

For more industrial wallpapers like these, browse our wood effect, brick effect, slate effect, stone effect, and faux effect wallpaper ranges.