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Top Interior Design Colours for 2017

As enthusiastically hopeful trendsetters ourselves, we know how important it is to keep ahead of the latest fashion. If you’re thinking about how to decorate your home, but aren’t sure what colour scheme to go for, we should be able to help.

Here, we’ve put together a set of (well-researched) predictions for upcoming interior design colour schemes in 2017.

There’s a real mixed bag here and we’ve even thrown in some ideas for complementing colors with furniture to really help you with your ‘how to decorate’ problem. So, take a look and find out what’s next in home decors.

Dusky blue

2017 is the year of blue. But not just any blue, the 2017 colour to have on your walls will be a dark, dusky, just-off-grey blue like the shade you can see below in our Oasis Curve Stripe Pattern wallpaper from Grandeco. Adaptable and versatile, this shade is near-neutral enough to complement most other colours, yet still strong enough to stand alone. Put it alongside white furniture with metal fittings for a chrome look, or contrast it using bolder colours to make your room pop.


Wellness and nature

Green is next in line to claim the ‘Top 2017 Colour’ title. But the difference with this trend is that there is no limit to which shade of green you choose. The point of it is to give us a feeling of good health and being at one with nature — which comes from all greens, we think. Green looks great with tan leather furniture and retro brass ornaments, or you can put a few plants in a room decorated with a darker shade to boost the nature effect.


Warm and welcoming

Warm colours, such as terracotta, earthy greens and taupe beige are set to take over from cool, white shades in 2017. Wallpapers similar to our Vintage Fairburn Tartan Check Pattern wallpaper from Arthouse give a real homey feel that is especially good in kitchens and living rooms where you might entertain guests and host dinner parties.


Contrasting combos

This interior design colour scheme is dedicated to colour combinations that you’d never expect to see together. Keep your eye out for a lot more home decor magazines featuring rooms with highly-contrasting colours, like orange and green. This might look too much at first, but the vibrancy and boldness of the room can really make it an energetic place to be, so it could be a good idea for a study or playroom.


Bright and cheery

On the other end of the interior design colour scheme spectrum, we have an emerging trend of bright shades. Optimistic colours that we associate with happiness are due to be popular this year, with yellow leading the pack. There’s no other colour that lifts your mood and welcomes you into the room like lemon, but there’s a twist. This 2017 colour trend will mainly be about combining yellow with a more understated colour. Putting our Plain Striped Wallpaper from P&S International with cool grey will give the whole room a more subtle, palatable and contemporary look that we reckon will really catch on this year.


Mineral grey

The final entry in our selection of 2017 interior design colour schemes predictions is grey. Neutral and reliable, mineral grey has long been a favourite home decor colour. The difference in 2017 is that the cool, steel greys we often see will move over for much warmer shades, similar to the light varieties we can see in this Holden Decor Reach for the Stars vinyl wallpaper. This means you can keep the neutrality of grey, while not making the room appear too dull and dark.

We hope we’ve given you a few ideas about how to decorate your home this year. Make sure to check out our range of wallpaper colours for more inspiration.