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Update Your Home Decor With 10 Of The Best Summer Wallpapers

Summer may not always quite live up to our expectations thanks to the Great British weather, but you can enjoy a permanent burst of sunshine in your home this summer and beyond by refreshing your home decor for the new season.

From seasonal flowers to bold wallpaper and brightly coloured soft furnishings, there are so many ways to bring a slice of summer to your home. If vibrant colours always bring a smile to your face and you’re forever wishing your holidays could last that little bit longer, check out our summer decor ideas to bring vacation vibes to your home all year round.

10 Of The Best Summer Wallpapers

bright pink floral wallpaper in bedroom

Summer wallpaper can be a great investment if you want to bring a touch of sunshine to your home all year round. From bright yellows to bold florals and leaf prints inspired by the rainforest, there are so many aesthetic summer wallpaper designs to update your home decor for this long-awaited season.

Using summer wallpaper in a room should make it feel warm and inviting all year round, bringing a smile to your face even in the depths of winter. Whether you’re looking to decorate a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or conservatory, check out some of the best summer wallpaper ideas…

1. Yellow Damask Wallpaper

Bring a touch of sunshine to your home decor with yellow wallpaper. From pale lemon to bold mustard, any shade of yellow wallpaper is guaranteed to brighten your mood every time you step into a room. 

Holden Decor’s Harlen Damask Woodland Hand Painted Style Animals Flowers Leaves Yellow Wallpaper (£13 per roll) features white illustrations of trees, rabbits, and hedgehogs amid a classic damask print on a sunshine yellow background to bring instant joy to any room in your home. Team with white accessories for a fresh, bright, clean feel.

2. Sunshine Yellow

yellow wallpaper

If you’d prefer a plain yellow wallpaper, we recommend the Arthouse Linen Texture Effect Paper Moden Plain Yellow Wallpaper (£16 per roll), which is more of a mustard yellow shade. 

With just a hint of grainy texture, this summer wallpaper adds a little something extra to a room. Linen itself is a fabric typically associated with summer, so linen wallpaper is the perfect way to bring sunshine yellow to your home decor.

3. English Country Garden

Bring the English country garden indoors with the beautiful Arthouse Summer Garden Multi Colour Flower Butterfly Leaf Motif Wallpaper (£11 per roll). This patterned wallpaper features bright yellow sunflowers, bold green leaves, and gorgeous detailed butterfly drawings. 

This wallpaper would be particularly effective in a conservatory or as part of your summer house decor, but it could also be used for a summer-inspired feature wall in a kitchen or bedroom. Make sure there’s always a vase of fresh flowers in the room to bring another dimension to the floral theme. 

4. Climbing Sunflowers

sunflower wallpaper

Sunflowers are synonymous with summer, with many remaining in bloom until early autumn. Bring climbing sunflowers to your home all year round with the A.S. Creation Floral Sunflower Navy Blue Yellow Cream Wallpaper, which is priced at £20 per roll.

This sunflower-patterned wallpaper features muted flowers on a navy blue background, so although it will look perfect in the summer months, it won’t look too bold and bright in autumn and winter. Use it to create a feature wall behind a headboard or in a living room with wooden flooring and neutral furniture.

5. Vibrant Palm Leaves

Bring all the colour of the carnival to your home decor with the A.S. Creation Nala Cape Town Jungle Palm Leaf Wallpaper (£21 per roll). 

With its vibrant pink background and palm leaf design in yellows, browns, pinks, and blues, this wallpaper is a bold choice that’s perfect for summer, and would look especially fun in a teenage girl’s bedroom.

6. Tropical Rainforest Feel

Take inspiration from tropical rainforests with the vibrant greenery and brightly coloured tropical birds of the Rasch Tropical Teal Green Rainforest Wallpaper (£13 per roll). 

tropical wallpaper with leaf print and pink bird motifs

Different shades of green create a canopy of leaves that feels like it has real depth, while shocks of pink from the stunning birds add a pop of colour. This wallpaper makes an eye-catching feature wall – consider using it in your bathroom to add to that rainforest feel. 

7. Pastel Palms

If you still want to bring a touch of greenery indoors but would prefer something a little more muted, the Arthouse Banana Leaf Foliage Tropical Blush Wallpaper (£15 per roll) is an ideal choice. 

This stunning wallpaper features pastel green banana leaves on a pale pink background to create a design that’s bold and modern yet has a vintage feel to it, thanks to those almost faded colours. 

8. Summer-Inspired Kids’ Wallpaper

Bring summer to a kids’ bedroom or a corner of the playroom with the fruit lollies and sprinkle-dipped ice cream cones of the Holden Decor Lollipops Pattern Children’s Multi Coloured Ice Cream Summer Stripe Wallpaper (£13 per roll). 

Extend the theme with a play kitchen, and soft furnishings in one of the many bright colours this wallpaper features. 

9. Beach Hut-Inspired Stripes

pink and white striped wallpaper

Beach huts are a symbol of summer for many of us, with their painted pastel stripes just as much part of a trip to the seaside as the sound of seagulls and the smell of fish and chips. 

Take inspiration from those cute candy-striped huts and use the A.S. Creation Thick Stripe Lines Non Woven Textured Pink And White Wallpaper (£18 per roll) in your home decor. These pastel stripes would look especially effective in a kitchen, conservatory, or even a summer house. 

10. Create A Nautical Bathroom

The nautical style is another that’s reminiscent of British seaside holidays, and it can work particularly well in a bathroom. 

The Rasch Aqua Nautical Ocean Motif Lighthouse Sea Shell Embossed Vinyl Wallpaper (£17 per roll) features lighthouse and shell motifs, and its vinyl finish means it’s the perfect choice for a bathroom where it’s likely to get splashed. Shells collected on your last beach visit make the perfect accessory.

5 Other Ways To Update Your Home Decor For Summer

Changing your wallpaper for summer is a big decor commitment, so if you’re looking for some more temporary ways to switch up your home for the new season, try out these ideas:

1. The Brighter The Better

When it comes to soft furnishings, the brighter the better. If you’re feeling particularly bold, go for neon; if you’re not quite that brave, look for cushions and throws in bright yellows, pinks, greens, orange, and turquoise to bring a vibrant feel to your home decor.

2. Bring The Garden Indoors

sunflowers on gingham tablecloth

Bring the outdoors indoors with vases of flowers hand-picked from your garden; alternatively, opt for artificial flowers if you’d like them to last for longer without needing to be watered and without giving you hayfever!

Flowers that are in season in the UK in summer that would look gorgeous in vases to bring a pop of colour to your decor include:

  • Sunflowers
  • Roses
  • Irises
  • Dahlias
  • Sweet peas

3. The Scent Of Summer

Adding a home fragrance to a room can transform the way it feels, and you can fill your whole home with the scent of summer with a candle or reed diffuser featuring:

  • Lemon
  • Orange
  • Lime
  • Lemongrass
  • Bergamot
  • Rose
  • Neroli

4. Bring The Beach Home

If you love to create a theme with your home decor, take inspiration from the interiors of classic beach huts. Place driftwood ornaments on shelves, frame photos or prints of the sea, and string up some nautical bunting. 

shells on beach

Use bold pastel stripes or ditsy floral prints in bright colours for soft furnishings, and consider creating the ultimate beach-inspired feature wall with the Muriva By The Seaside Beach Pattern Beige Wallpaper (£12 per roll). 

Featuring shells and postcard snaps on a sandy background, this summer wallpaper would work well in a summer house or garden room, or even in a large playroom divided into different areas for sensory and creative play.

5. Transform Your Garden

Extend your decor update outdoors by giving your garden a makeover too. If you’ve got a large budget to spend, investing in a hot tub would be the perfect way to enjoy a touch of summer even in the colder months. But if you’re looking for some more affordable updates, we recommend:

  • Rattan furniture
  • Brightly coloured soft furnishings – bring some out from inside the house
  • A barbecue or fire pit
  • Strings of fairy lights (you can even get some in fun summer designs like flamingos or palm trees)
  • A gingham blanket for enjoying picnics or drinks on the grass

Enjoy A Slice Of Summer At Home All Year Round

dining room table with brightly coloured placemats and a vase of sunflowers

Although you might not use your summer house all year round and you might want to pack those flamingo fairy lights away ahead of the start of winter, there are some summer home decor updates you can enjoy all year round. 

Summer-inspired scents can be lovely and refreshing at any time of year, and that bold yellow wallpaper can work all year round too – simply team it with rust or chocolate brown-coloured soft furnishings in the autumn for a woodland-inspired feel. 

It’s also a nice touch to collect seashells or driftwood on trips to the seaside to use in your home decor to remind you of long summer days. Make the effort to get some of your favourite summer snapshots framed, or even turn them into a photo calendar, which will be just the thing to cheer you up in January and February when summer feels a long way off.

There are so many ways to enjoy a slice of summer in your home at all times of year. If you have any questions about any of our wallpaper designs, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.