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Wallpaper Ideas for Summer

Summer can be a pretty inspiring time. Long, warm evenings combined with a week or two off work motivate lots of us to rejig our homes each year.

As we’re sure you’re aware, a great way to inject some colour and style into your home is with wallpaper. Take it from us, you can really transform a room with a roll or ten of well-chosen wallpaper! At I Want Wallpaper, we stock a wide range of gorgeous wall coverings. So why not take your design cues from the season and update your home today?

What does summer make you think of? Here at I Want Wallpaper, summer always makes us think of brightly coloured flowers in full bloom, birdsong, sunshine and beach holidays.

Floral wallpapers epitomise summer like nothing else. This Grandeco Royal House Elise floral wallpaper, for example, features large, pencil-line-drawn effect blooms, stalks and leaves, and is guaranteed to add a sense of summertime sophistication to any living space.

Teal floral Luciana

Teal floral Luciana

Offset your fresh, flowery wallpaper with framed pictures and gilt mirrors, or calm your scheme with minimalist furniture, rugs and throws.

Another way to bring the summer into your home is with stunning bird and butterfly wallpapers. P&S International’s Tropical Exotic Birds Trees and Leaves wallpaper, in particular, is bound to bring a smile to your guests’ faces. Featuring exotic birds perching on palm fronds and tree branches, whether you chose to accent one wall, or wallpaper an entire room, this wallpaper is guaranteed to bring the outside in, imbuing your chosen space with cheerfulness and vibrancy.


When it comes to butterfly motifs, you simply can’t go wrong with Holden Decor Holden Mazarine Floral Butterfly wallpaper. This beautifully vivid design comprises a flight of multi-coloured butterflies and blooms, and would sit perfectly in a child’s bedroom, study or sitting room.

Increasingly, top interior designers are turning to photographic wallpapers when they want to make a bold design statement. Whether you opt for Muriva’s Rainforest Bamboo wallpaper or Grandeco’s Amazonia Green Forrest Jungle Tree Effect wallpaper, we’re confident your friends and family will be requesting the telephone number of your decorator as soon as they see your handiwork.

grandeco-amazonia 817994

grandeco-amazonia 817994

If you’d like to give your home a more beachy feel, it’s important to add texture and contrast. Stone and slate effect wallpapers are great for achieving that “cottage by the sea” look, while wood effect wallpapers can help you realise those dreams of living in a beach hut on the coast.

Once you’ve wallpapered your living space with the wall coverings of your choosing, consider using ornaments, house plants, scatter cushions and cut flowers to accent your efforts. Remember, well-chosen home accessories in bright, complimentary hues will add sparkle to your scheme, off-setting your newly papered walls brilliantly.