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Choose the Perfect Mural for Your Room

Mural wallpaper is a hugely popular trend. It’s an easier alternative to papering a whole room and it’s great for people who like to change their home decor often.

The downside is that its popularity has boosted the number of mural designs to a point where it’s hard to wade through them all and choose the one for you.
That’s why we’ve put together some of our top murals for nearly every room in your house. From keeping kids happy to giving your guests something to chat about, there’s something here for any kind of ‘home decor feel’ you’re going for.

New York Window Skyline Mural

One of our top-selling wallpaper murals, the New York Window Skyline Mural is the perfect choice for NYC lovers. The best thing about this image is the angle and length. The New York mural appears to go on for so many miles that the buildings blur into nothing, which creates an illusion of your room being much bigger than it is. And as for the high angle, you could wake up every morning feeling like you’re at the top of a New York penthouse suite. A fleeting feeling, but better than nothing.


Black and White Woodland Forest Mural

In a bedroom, most of us want peace and tranquility to help us relax and leave the day behind. Out of all our designs, we think the Black and White Woodland Forest Mural does this best. There’s nothing but sky, earth and trees in this wallpaper mural, which gives the impression of complete calm and silence. The sunbeams seem to almost come out of the picture, which adds to the realism, while the depth of the image gives the illusion that you could walk through the wall. This forest mural looks great next to potted plants and the neutral tone lets it complement any flooring or colour scheme — although, we’d suggest browns are dark greens to add to the effect.



Marvel Avengers Assemble Mural

Murals are like giant posters that don’t tear or mark the wallpaper when you take them down. This makes them ideal for children, who love to regularly stick up and rip down posters of their favourite film, music or cartoon stars. For this reason, kids’ murals are taking off as an easy parent-child compromise. This Marvel Avengers mural — featuring Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America — is really popular at the moment. Hang it on a blue or navy wall to make the mural’s background seem part of the room and help the characters and lightning bolts jump out even more.

Red Brick Wall Mural

Set to be big in 2017, trompe l’oeil decor designs (an art technique that makes flat images appear 3D like this Red Brick Wall mural) bring the outdoors inside. Though this style is very on trend and even a bit edgy, the rustic-looking brick mural gives a down-to-earth feel that is perfect for creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere in the home. As it’s brick, you can also hang it in rooms of pretty much any colour, which makes it conveniently versatile.


Perfect for: rooms where families and friends gather, like kitchens and dining rooms.

Abstract Retro Square Pattern 3D Effect Mural

Retro is always in. What we love about this Abstract Retro Square Pattern mural wallpaper is the way the fluorescent-tinged shapes overlap to give a 3D effect. Retro murals are great for animating a room with bright colours and quirky patterns, while not overpowering it. So, they’re ideal for areas in your house where you can show a touch of your personality to your guests. Everyone has a favorite decade style and this square pattern design is perfect for people who love the psychedelic 60s and 70s.


Perfect for: living rooms or any room you use for having friends over.

This is just a very small selection of the murals we have an offer. Check out all our other designs in our mural collection before you go.