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6 Easy Halloween Decorating Items

Halloween provides us all with an opportunity to make some temporary changes to our homes. So, whether you’re planning a ghoulish get-together, a spooky night in with the family, or a full-on, Halloween-themed banquet, we’ve got decorating ideas aplenty. Simply read on and we’ll explain just what you need to transform your living space quickly, cheaply and easily.

1. Oranges

Creating dinky Jack-o-lanterns is much less time-consuming than you may think; all you need are half a dozen oranges and a good black marker pen. Instead of hollowing out and carving into the oranges, merely draw on spooky faces. Your miniature Jack-o-lanterns can be used as table decorations, arranged in bowls, or even given out to trick-or-treaters!

2. Bats and branches

Next time you take the dog out for a walk, keep your eyes peeled for beautiful branches (the more spindly and witch-like the better). Once you’ve found the perfect branch, place it in a vase or pot, and decorate with hanging bats. Remember, while you can buy natty bat decorations online and at craft stores, you could also make your own using black cardboard and loops of cotton. If you do decide to make your own, why not get the kids involved? (Consider adding glitter, sequins and metallic ribbon for extra sparkle.)




3. Giant spiders

If you want to make an impact, think about creating some giant spiders. All you’ll need are nine black refuse sacks (per spider) and some stuffing (such as newspaper, left over packaging, or even dried leaves). To make the body of the spider, fill one bin liner with stuffing and secure. Next, create the spider’s legs in a similar fashion (using less stuffing). Either stitch, tape or glue the legs to the body, and add eyes and fangs if you wish. (You can also make spider babies with sections of stuffed and secured bin liner and black pipe cleaner legs.)

4. Halloween luminaries

When it comes to Halloween parties, candlelight really sets the mood. Using glass paints, paint a variety of glass jars in different colours and leave to dry. Once the glass paint has fully dried, take your black marker pen and sketch eerie faces and characters onto the jars. When the time comes, drop tea-lights into your jars and prepare to dazzle your guests.



5. Spooky centre piece

Every Halloween banqueting table needs a spooky centrepiece. To create yours, cluster a range of interesting pumpkins and squashes amongst candles, pine cones and antique dishes filled with colourful Halloween candies. Be creative and use what you have to hand: if there’s ivy growing in your garden, drape a few vines across the mantel piece. And if you happen to have a collection of porcelain frogs, use them!

6. Witches’ hats

A really fun and silly way to inject a touch of ghoulish whimsy into your home involves paper witches’ hats. Cut small witches’ hats from a sheet of black paper and stick onto any family photographs you might have displayed around your home. (Remember, always use a gentle adhesive, which won’t damage the picture underneath!)

Happy Halloween!